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Hello there, I had wavefront aspheric surgery last Monday. I had -7 right eye and -5 left eye, a stigmatism, a slight squint, slightly dry eyes and a sensitivity to light and poor night vision - quite a list. Actually I am quite impressed one week on. I am typing this with no glasses on. I have in the clinic had a second day eye test in which I got better than 20/20 in one eye and 20/20 in the other. Very little pain. Thing is I do have a few slightly weird after effects. The clinic says they are normal but being me I want to check! As soon as there is slightly less light my vision is a touch hazy, for example, if I were to go from outside into a dimly lit room. When I put my dark glasses on I can see a slight loss of vision clarity. I am told this is going to go but would be interested to see what others think. Have to say I have not had to put on any of my 12 pairs of glasses so pretty pleased but hope the darker room vision will improve!

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