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[QUOTE=jthomp7889;4803535]I went to a Lasik consultation today and was told I would need to have PRK due to a think cornea and I would still need glasses for reading all the time. So they mentioned getting Monovision which is correcting one eye for distance and one for reading and the brain can't tell the difference. Anyone have this you may be able to offer your outcome? Good idea, bad idea?


Hi Jeff, welcome to HB.

Monovision isn't for everyone. If they said that the brain can't tell the difference from the get go, then they are not telling the truth. If you had lived all your life using two eyes together for fine binocular vision, out of the blue, you have to do differently, how is it possible that you can't tell the difference? For most people, it takes time for the brain to re-adapt, some adapt quickly, some slowly, and some not at all (small number and usually gave up quite soon cuz they can't stand it). It may depends on the age of the person, the difference between the eyes, the personality, the profession ie visual needs etc.

If you are serious about monovision because you hate the idea of glasses and are concerned about how you would feel about monovision, I suggest to ask your surgeon if it's possible for you to try contacts (assuming you have no problem wearing contacts) with the prescription they want to "put" on your eyes with laser. It's not 100% duplication, but it's pretty darn close. I would try for a week to a month (of course take into consideration of the type of lens and the cost) and see how you feel at the end of your "experiment". If you adapt and works great for you and you are happy with this type of arrangement, then you would be so much happier right after surgery since you had somewhat adapted :)

I know people who had these done generally split into two camps, they either really love it or they hate it.

Good luck with it. Keep us posted.


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