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Hi I'm new to this board, I had custom wavefront surgery 7/8/11. I'm really worried something is wrong. I had a high prescription -8.5 R eye - 7.5 L eye. According to the surgeron my surgery went well, no pain or discomfort at all. Although my vision was very blurry right after my surgery (like I had glasses on and they fogged up in a steamy shower) My post op appt next day I was 20/20 both eyes, but with a lot of halo's, ghosting, etc. Dr said it would clear up.

I went for my week follow up a day early because I have a lot of haziness in both eyes and my L eye was very blurry. My R eye seems to be improving. The Dr. said all looked good that my vision would fluctuate for up to 3 months. 3 months?!

It's been almost a week since my follow up and my L eye continues to get worse. It's regressed so much that I'm starting to get uncomfortble driving. I notice the regression mostly when I'm driving, watchig tv, in high light or dim light. I'm using lubicating drops like I'm an addict! I'm hoping the blurry vision is due to dry eye.

My question is has anyone else had a similar problem and did your vision clear up?

I really don't want to have an enhancement, I'm thinking I might just opt for contacts to correct my L eye.

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