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First off, thank you for all the helpful info on here! I see many posts from people citing blurry vision after lasik and I am in the same boat. I am 7 days post-lasik and my original prescription was -7. I have a sensitive heart (not serious, just dramatic) so I couldn't take the offered valium and sleeping pills. Surgery was easy and was done with a blade. I had a lot of discomfort for four - five hours and couldn't sleep thanks to a runny nose. But I powered through and was so encouraged by my new sight. I did, indeed, drive myself to my morning checkup the next day and was 20/25. I found that really hard to believe because the lines were so blurry, but I don't understand the mechanics. The doc said there were "lines, but they would heal." Said that may be making things blurry. I focused on the "heal" and forgot to ask what the lines were.

So I assumed it would only improve but the next day my vision was very blurry, especially in the left eye. Was even worse the next day. I called the center and was told this was normal and they'd see me in two weeks. They instructed me to use drops as I was probably dry. I used those drops like crazy but i could tell I was still dry.
So I feel stuck. I can't see well and do not see fluctuations as the centers says I will. It is always poor in my left eye and usually poor in my right eye. When I put drops in my vision will clear (but not as good as contacts) for a few seconds and then blurs again when I blink. I switched to Genteal Gel and feel way less dry, almost normal, but still can't see well.
I know this takes time and I know it's normal based on the quantity of posts just like mine. What I don't come across though is the final result of those posters.

Has anyone had blurry vision for a while and then it cleared up to be just as sharp as contacts? I knew in advance that I might need an enhancement due to the -7. Has anyone had an enhancement and then cleared right up? Just looking for an idea so I can wrap my mind around my potential result.
Will the doc offer me glasses at my two week appt if I still can't see well? I feel so vulnerable and out-of-sorts with this blur. I have headaches and nausea and need my computer to work. I'm not stuck like this forever right? Thanks for honesty!
I had LASIK over 2 months ago and like you I had problems with blurry vision in one eye. In the other eye I had a corneal abrasion. I wondered if I made the right decision and wasn't happy when I saw no improvements after weeks. As a matter-a-fact, at time my vision got worse. I wondered if I would need an enhancement.

But after about 2.5 months, everything pretty much cleared up nicely. I still think there is more healing but as of today I'm very happy with the results.

So you must have patience. You may go weeks without seeing any improvement which can be very concerning, but the improvements will come. Keep your eyes from getting dry so use the drops frequently.

Things will improve, so just hang in there. Your eyes are swollen and it takes months to really heal!
I am hitting my 4 month mark from lasiks and at this point it's like a cloudy film has been lifted from my eyes. I had blurry vision up until the 3 1/2 month mark, I still have a little blurrying in my left eye, my right eye is clear. A month ago I was at 20/20 right eye 20/25 in my left. I go in soon and I hope I'll be 20/20 in both. Keep using the drops, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, us an eye mask at night, take some fish oils or omega 3 pills, and try getting a humidifier if you stare at a computer a lot. Good luck!! Hope things clear up for you, I have a post on here that has followed me throughout my process check it out under Lasiks my story my progress.
Thank you both! I am seeing drastic improvement now! I took a while to heal from the abrasions due to my autoimmune disease but another week of Pred Forte and Antibiotic helped. I am using lots of eye drops. last chech I was 20/30 and I think I see slight improvements every once in a while. best of all, the doc confirmed that we will correct it if needed. I was scared I would be close but not good enough and they wouldn't correct it. But he said that he knows how well I see with contacts and he wont make me settle for less. Cool!

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