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First off, thank you for all the helpful info on here! I see many posts from people citing blurry vision after lasik and I am in the same boat. I am 7 days post-lasik and my original prescription was -7. I have a sensitive heart (not serious, just dramatic) so I couldn't take the offered valium and sleeping pills. Surgery was easy and was done with a blade. I had a lot of discomfort for four - five hours and couldn't sleep thanks to a runny nose. But I powered through and was so encouraged by my new sight. I did, indeed, drive myself to my morning checkup the next day and was 20/25. I found that really hard to believe because the lines were so blurry, but I don't understand the mechanics. The doc said there were "lines, but they would heal." Said that may be making things blurry. I focused on the "heal" and forgot to ask what the lines were.

So I assumed it would only improve but the next day my vision was very blurry, especially in the left eye. Was even worse the next day. I called the center and was told this was normal and they'd see me in two weeks. They instructed me to use drops as I was probably dry. I used those drops like crazy but i could tell I was still dry.
So I feel stuck. I can't see well and do not see fluctuations as the centers says I will. It is always poor in my left eye and usually poor in my right eye. When I put drops in my vision will clear (but not as good as contacts) for a few seconds and then blurs again when I blink. I switched to Genteal Gel and feel way less dry, almost normal, but still can't see well.
I know this takes time and I know it's normal based on the quantity of posts just like mine. What I don't come across though is the final result of those posters.

Has anyone had blurry vision for a while and then it cleared up to be just as sharp as contacts? I knew in advance that I might need an enhancement due to the -7. Has anyone had an enhancement and then cleared right up? Just looking for an idea so I can wrap my mind around my potential result.
Will the doc offer me glasses at my two week appt if I still can't see well? I feel so vulnerable and out-of-sorts with this blur. I have headaches and nausea and need my computer to work. I'm not stuck like this forever right? Thanks for honesty!

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