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I had LASIK 1 month ago.

left eye -7.00, astigmatism -1.25
right eye -6.00, astigmatism -0.75

I feel like I rushed into it, Although i did read positives and negatives, and possible complications.
But I think i wasn't more active at consultations etc.

I had 7mm pupils. at least I think. Operated on wavefront alegretto.
I see very clearly during day, and happy with that, mild dry eye.
But at night i see starbursts. halo etc. I can drive, but not as before, kinda have to strain much because of low vision at night. I don't know, i thought i would not get these sideeffects because of bigger optical zones of new lasers etc.

The thing that bothers me much is, i can see clearly on pc monitor, but only when there is much white on, white background, when there is black background and white letters i can see that is't not as easy or as sharp to read as i could with my glasses. And it doesnt matter if there is daylight or 200w lightbulb on, its weird to read on black background, so that part scares me cause i don't get it, is that contrast lost or?
During daytime i can see ok on big 42'' lcd screen tv. But at nightime again with my 200w lighbulb, its weird, in dark i can't watch tv as before, i mean it ok if there is a lot of white stuff, colors etc, but white subtitles on black background it hard to read, i can read it, just not as less straining as with glasses, it's like a bit of glare, or halo i dunno, or ghosting. but at daytime in the morning when i open my windows, i can read and watch tv ok, even play games. So i'm scared kinda...did i do tradeoff, loss of nightvision for clear dayvision, no more games or movies at night? and i am game/movie/multimedia junkie.

Or am I jumping too fast to conclusions after one month post op?

I dunno, i have anxiety disorder and dunno if i did right thing about this one, like i really read all the negatives and all the people with bad nightvision, then i read about people with good outcomes, even some friend said it was ok to them.
I dunno. if it is what is is, i dunno if i can deal with it, cuz i feel stupid then...sure i hated my glasses, and was kinda annoyed, wanted freedom. I can live with lower nightvision, i mean out in the dark, or really low lightning, i think i could tradeoff that part if it happened, but didn't count on hard to watch tv, or just something on black background. I dunno what is that. and that really upsets me. cuz at day i am pretty happy and feel free and see better then with my glasses.

So actually scared if i would do something to myself because of this...impulsivly rushed in it. then I ask myself maybe i could tried some bigger frames glasses for biger field of vision, and not just immidietly go to surgery. I dunno. stressed about this, paranoid a bit. Is there hope it can get better? Or is it possible to deal with that after enhancment or? I don't get it, if they knew my pupil is 7mm...why then, was I patient with higher risk to develop HOA's? Don't new lasers adress that. Why would you treat anyone if you knew it could impair their nightvision. How do you know how will that person react, if i was not candidate, just say i aint because of pupils and its ok, move on. I dunno, i thinks i was an idiot.

Thats just me now, being anxious, paranoid, overreacting or whatever, even at one mont post op, when its clear 3-6 months to healing time, but i am a bit suspicious about nightime part of healing time? I mean is that possible, does healing time contribute to that? Isn't nightime low light problems associated with treatment zone and size of pupils? ...some advice, at three months i intend to ask them all, and want all my results etc. i was just to passive and hoped for the best.

So if anyone has some kind of advice about this, particulary about black backgrounds, is it possible to resolve? or some comfort, thanks.

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