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I'm so glad someone was able to find relief in my story. I feel bad that I haven't posted on here for almost a year. I will tell you how I have been doing thus far.

MAY 2012


I am very pleased with my progress and decision to have Lasiks. I in the beginning stages of healing was very discouraged because people that had it or doctors tell you stories like I was seeing 20/20 the next day or out of the chair. Not the case for me as you can see if you've read previous posts. Now where I am at is pretty good. I have to make another appointment for this month but my wedding and honeymoon interfered with a few of them and since I've been doing so good I haven't rushed back in to the dr just yet.

Since my last post I was using drops frequently like 1 tube per hour now I use one of those tubes a day if that barely. I purchased a sleep mask that is the best thing since sliced bread it's called Alpha Eye Dry Eye Relief Mask you can find on Dream Essentials website. It comes with a plastic cover for your eyes that holds in moisture while you sleep. 2 months after sleeping with it every night my vision has improved big time and the dry eye has improved greatly. I've trimmed down my supplements and only take the flax seed oils, taking all of the other ones at the same time made me gain weight. So I no longer need the humidifier either. I work behind a computer all day so I make myself remember to put drops in while working but when I'm out and about and not in the office I have no need for them. I was able to enjoy my wedding and honeymoon without dry eye or glasses it was great. I will follow up with where I am on the reading chart after my next appointment.

Side note, I was suffering from red eye about four months ago and couldn't figure out why they were soooo red, one reason was the dryness and another was because I was using a night eye ointment and it was actually bothering my eyes. Since I stopped using it my eyes are white and clear. I can see things that seemed to have a blurry outline now clearly and I can see street signs from far away, I can see certain things that were very difficult to see during the healing stages. Overall I'm pretty happy with my outcome, will write more later.

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