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I had lasiks done on 5/7 so I'm about 2 1/2 weeks out. I am a little disappointed in that I heard stories of people coming out of surgery being able to see 20/20. I've been waiting to get this done for years and needed to wait until my vision stabilized. It did and has been at a -6 for 2 years. I purchased the traditional lasiks because my cornea is thin and wanted to leave them room to make any corrections.

At my 1 week follow up they tested my eyes and I was scared because the chart was so blurry. I was reading 20/30 each eye and together reading 20/25ish. That same Monday I woke up that morning and was so blurry it looked as if I was looking through water. I used so many drops that day I think I blew through a 70 pack of refresh drops (which are $15 a box!). I made an appt because I was worried, the next day the foggy-blurriness went away but I still wasn't seeing clearly enough. I went into my appointment now this was 2 weeks out of surgery to read 20/30 each eye and 20/20 both but missing like 2 letters.

I think I figured out some of my problem, I sometimes sleep with my eye cracked open so I started wearing a sleeping mask and using gel drops along with the natural tears. That has helped a lot, but I'm still not where I thought I'd be. I'm taking krill oil, drink tons of water, resting my eyes, using these drops like it's going out of style, ordered a TranquilEyes Eye Hydrating Therapy Kit that should be here by the end of this week. When I use my drops it's crystal clear and then about 5 blinks later it's back to where I am.

My night vision on the other hand isn't bad and I thought it would be. I don't have halos, more like crescent moons, no starbursts, no ghosting so I'm happy about that. My natural light vision is not bad either when I'm outside, but when driving the street lights are harder to see now then with contacts.

Can someone out there give me hope, I got the surgery so that I can go swimming and do water sports on my honeymoon next April but now I'm starting to regret my decision. I want to pick up a bottle of allergy drops so bad and use them but I can't argh!

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