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Dear all,

I had my LASIK(intraLASE) surgery about a month ago(Aug 4th 2011) in India. But now I'm back in the US since I work here. My vision has been very good so far except I noticed it dries out faster. I had to use my eye drops for 6 or more times to avoid irritation or burning sensation.

I noticed a weird thing in my eye today. when I closely looked at my right eye in the mirror(because it was bothering a bit), I noticed a transparent outline around ONE side of my right pupil. This resembles as if I was wearing a "slightly not-in-place contact lens". I'm just worried if it has anything to do with the FLAP? I have not noticed this earlier(or maybe have not paid attention all this while). I've been very careful with not rubbing my eyes but been gently cleaning my eyes(eyelids) while showering.

Is this something I should be worried about? I also noticed my eyes get dry faster in the past few days than it was earlier.

Anybody, Please advice.


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