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Hi all;

I had LASIK at the end of May 2011 and despite some blurriness post-procedure and the expected dry eye everything has been mostly okay since. After the first six weeks it's been smoother sailing than I expected....until a week ago.

I woke up last Thursday with classic pinkeye symptoms : blurry vision, red eyes, crusty crap everywhere when I woke up, a bit of discharge, etc. I went to Wilmer Eye (I had my LASIK done there and was in Baltimore for the day) and was told I had classic viral conjunctivitis and given an antibiotic/steroid drop combo for during the day and the same medication in ointment form for at night.

The next three days were really tough with painful itchy eyes and swollen lids in the morning but on Sunday I woke up and nothing hurt.

However, everything was blurry. It was like I couldn't clear the ointment from my eyes and everything looked like I was peering through a thin, thin film of Vaseline. It was hard to describe. I could SEE, but I couldn't see. It wasn't blurry like before the LASIK with the near-sightedness but it was like everything was just smudged. Very hard to read the computer, hard to read books, etc.

After this went on for a few more days I went to a Brooklyn opthamologist yesterday to get a second opinion or see if the infection wasn't improving. He said there was no sign of any conjunctivitis in my eyes at all and that the blurriness was probably due to overmedicating with the steroid/antibiotic drops and ointment. My eyes were totally clear in the checkup and I could read the 20/15 line but it was still like looking through a funny haze. He assured me it was from the medication and to stop taking it (even though I hadn't taken it in nearly 24 hours by that point) and everything would "be fine."

I woke up this morning and I'm STILL blurry out of both eyes. Artificial tears don't help; it's not dryness. I'm frustrated and feel like something is wrong and I'm going to be blurry out of my eyes forever. This hasn't been the best process, the LASIK (all of my friends had no issues and I did, etc.) and I just want to trust that after all the medication works its way out of my system I'll be okay but something just feels OFF even though the opthamologist assured me my eyes were fine.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any of it? Sudden haze or blurriness that went away after awhile a couple of months post-LASIK? Pinkeye with residual effect? Taking eye drops or ointment and had it mess with your vision?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you all so much.
:eek: I have exactly the same problem, and I'm starting to worry that I will be stuck with blurry eyes. I had Lasik 5 months ago, with an enhancement performed on my left eye as the initial surgery over corrected the vision in that eye. After this I had 5 weeks of clear vision in both eyes, however the for the past three weeks I have had red eyes and blurriness in both eyes, and cannot get rid of it. Lubricating drops don't help, it just makes my vision blurrier. Ant-inflammatory drops have little effect. I went to the clinic yesterday and have been told my eyes are not dry and have to go back to see the doctor. I feel like I have a film of oil or something on my eye balls that is blurring my vision.

Would love any advice or information on what this may be caused from. Thanks

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