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Hi everyone, this my first post on this forum, thanks for reading!

So I got Lasik in 2009 (Custom Wavefront Lasik). My eyes were -1.75, -2. I got it corrected, I originally saw 20/15 both eyes perfect. Then it regressed. Once it regressed enough, they (the Lasik Eye Center) suggested an enhancement. I was completely up for it, seeing how well the first time went.

So I got it 8 days ago. My right eye, perfect. Some extra haloing, but I don't care. My Left eye.. I have ghosting. I notice everywhere, especially when reading. It makes it really challenging to read.

I went back for post-surgery checkup a few times.. the most recent was yesterday. That's when I told them about the problem.

One of the technicians and optometrists who work there worked with me. First the technician told me, well your vision is fluctuating while healing. I read a lot on this, and I think that is bogus. The ghosting has been the exact same since I've noticed it 3 days after surgery. Then the optometrist said my eye is probably swollen, and will take a lot of time to heal. He said "you must have seen a little improvement since?" and I said no, not at all. He reminded me that this is one of the risks in taking the surgery, especially in enhancement surgeries. I had no idea. I heard him mention something about astigmatism (which they treat), but since this is my second surgery, I'm pretty sure that's it for me. There's no more cornea to burn.. heh. Well I have two more appointments booked now, first to see the next surgeon available, which is tomorrow (Thursday). Then I'm seeing my surgeon next Tuesday. I hope they have an answer for me.

My question is, does anyone have any knowledge/experience with this?

Anyone had ghosting? Did it get AT LEAST a little better? Is the 3-6month healing period real? Because this is not PRK, most healing should be near instant to my understanding. This is driving me nuts. I can read fine with my right eye, but with both eyes open it's quite disorienting.

I see one ghost image, say when you look at a letter "F", there is a ghost of that letter touching it, up and to the left with probably 25% opacity.


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