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I had Lasik in 10/2007 and posted a good bit then about the specific experience (search if you are interested). I remember agonizing about whether or not to have the procedure and worrying about side effects, etc. So, I thought I'd come back and update you guys about how things are going 4 years down the road.

AWESOME. I still think of the surgery of the best thing I've ever done for myself. I needed eye drops for maybe about a year post surgery and sometimes (~10/year) I still need them in the winter when I first wake up. My vision is still crisp and I don't need any correction. No pain or anything like that. I have a toddler now, so going through pregnancy didn't change my vision although I've heard that can happen. So, I am still thrilled.

Obviously my experience was a good one and everyone is different. Good luck to you all as you weigh your options!!

Before the procedure I had trouble seeing the big "E" on the eye chart and I believe my prescription was about -4.75 with a slight astigmatism. Before the procedure I was sensitive to oncoming car headlights at night when driving--not to the point of feeling unsafe, but it was not enjoyable. Now, after the procedure my night vision as it was before the procedure--definitely not worse. I still notice oncoming car headlights, maybe not quite as much as before. As far as watching TV/movies I never notice anything--so I guess that means it's not blurry and my eyes aren't dry. And when I watch TV it's almost always with the lights off. For about the first 1-2 years after surgery I did notice more dryness in the movie theater and needed to carry along eye drops. Sorry--I don't know the size of my pupils. HTH!

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