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Although LASIK surgery gave me 2020 vision, I have found that my eyes go a bit dry each night. In fact the eyelids are lightly stuck shut when I wake, after which I pop them open and put drops in. I have not experienced any of the pain which many people seem to report, but I don't see how this can be held before my eyes, and I want to hear your opinions about what might help this situation to go way, and also if perhaps this is just part of a prolonged healing process and my eyes might return to a more normal state.

I wonder if this is a condition which will necessarily get worse? Hopefully with some good advice, I will be able to keep it under control, and maybe with time it will even improve.

I have already read plenty of horror stories online about how dry I has ruined people's lives, and while I feel terrible for those people, I am determined not to feel sorry for myself, since I made the decision to have the surgery and the fact that I didn't research it properly is no one's fault but mine. So I am determined to deal with this problem proactively, and in the best way I can.

I do believe that this surgery is sold to patients in a way which plays down the side effects, and had I known that I would be dealing with this sort of thing, I probably would not have gone ahead with it. I realize now that the information is out there, and so I accept my responsibility for this problem.

This is my first post in this forum and I look forward to hearing from people and trading information, so that we can stay positive and improve our lives and our health as much as possible!

Thank you in advance,
big hug
Yea, i get dry eyes to after sleeping, so funny, these so called"doctors" said that it goes in a month. Don't be so sure you woudln't do it if you have known potential complications, these "doctors" really can downplay it all, and say it all goes away, so you kinda star reading and looking into patients with positive outcomes, or even asking some, and they say best money ever spent, so you get pumped up for it, positive until your head explodes and you do it. And later when you dig deeper and find out some of those super satisfied patients are saying they have low light problems etc, but they are still satisfied? I mean really, I dunno how much of a problem it is to them, but if you get some lousy vision in some conditions, and with glasses you didn't have problems, how da hell can you be satisfied. To me these patients are idiots, or maybe because of psychological nature of this surgery, they paid for it, they chose it, so now they can not accept the mistake they made.

Oh and i just woke up with my right eye blurred, this is second or third time that my right eye is blurred. I get some artificial tears, but nothing still blurred, it takes hour or two for the blurness to go away. Well that's new, maybe tired, maybe i dunno...never had that problem before, so lovely to see world half blurred.

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