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I am 6 months post-op on my wavefront Lasik/PRK. The halos and starbursts have not improved in 5 months. I have made an appointment with another ophthalmologist for a second opinion about my problems. Here are some questions I want to ask regarding statements made by the surgeon who performed the procedure. If anyone could answer them or suggest additional questions to ask, or additional specialists to see, I would really, really appreciate it.

The surgeon says my eyes are dry, that the dryness could be the cause of my vision problems, and he prescribed Restasis (again). Can increased tear production really make [I]that much[/I] of a difference with the halos and starbursts? If so, shouldn't I notice immediate improvement in vision with artificial tears? Furthermore, my understanding of the data on Restasis is not encouraging - it helps a mere net 10% of patients.

I saw some of the data on the wavefront scans of my eye. For example, my pre-op scan showed my left eye (myopic) at spherical -4.25 with 4% high-order aberrations. Post-Lasik the same eye was spherical -0.62 with 22% high-order aberrations. The 22% sounded quite high, but the surgeon said it was a percentage relative to the prescription, i.e., 4% of -4.25 = -0.17 and 22% of -0.62 = -0.14, which would seem to mean that my high-order aberrations are LOWER now. But how can this be, with all my vision problems? Is this the correct meaning of the wavefront scan data?

The surgeon is going to make custom "preview lenses" for me which supposedly can simulate the result of an enhancement surgery. They are not designed to be worn, just held up to the eye, but he suggested it was possible to make wearable eyeglass lenses in the same way. Has anyone had experience with these?

Finally, the surgeon suggested that my problems could be neurological, i.e., having to do with how the brain processes the raw 'data' from the retina into the images I perceive. He suggested that I could see some improvement as my brain adapts neurologically to the new vision. This seems possible but can he really be saying I will simply no longer [I]perceive[/I] the halos and starbursts, or perceive them less?

Again, many thanks for your help.

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