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I just wanted to put in my $0.02. I'm 55 and have been with glasses since the age of 5 or 6. Without glasses vision wasn't a perfect blur, but close to it. I had my surgery with Dr. Singer in Metarie LA on September 13th of this year (2011). He uses the VISX Star S4 system. I cannot remember my specific prescription before surgery, but I was nearsighted with a lot of astigmatism. I didn't do a lot of homework before surgery and trusted that I would be taken good care of. Dr. Singer had done hundreds of the surgeries before mine and I trusted he knew what he was doing. Even if I had read a lot of negative experiences here first, I still would have gone ahead with the surgery.

Like a lot of others have experienced here, Dr. Singer didn't spend a lot of face time with me, but I was thoroughly tested prior to meeting him and I was satisfied that there wasn't a lot to discuss other than I was or was not a candidate for the surgery. I was told that I was a candidate and made the surgery appt and was given a sheet with all of the possible side effects. The list was very detailed and included everything I experienced and have read about here.

The surgery was very quick and my wife got to sit beside Dr. Singer and watch. When I got up, I could read the posters on the wall...not perfectly focused, but I could surely read them. There was nothing unusual until that night when I experienced a lot of pain. I was prescribed sleeping pills and, once they kicked in, I woke up relatively pain free. I reported back to the Dr's office the next day for a follow up and was dissappointed to find that I was only seeing a somewhat blurry 20/30 in my dominant left eye and much worse in my right eye. Dr. Singer assured me that my best vision was still 6 months away. I was a little miffed and feared I had wasted my vision and money, but I reminded myself that my prescription was pretty extreme and it requred a lot of correction and healing.

Fast forward to November 9th and my 6 week checkup with Dr. Singer. My vision started settling down and I had begun to see much more clearly. Also, my right eye seemed to be catching up with the left. I read 20/25 in both eyes with my right eye just as clear as my left. Dr. Singer said that I wouldn't have to come back in unless I had a problem and that he expected my vision to get even better over the course of the 6 months.

My list of side effects said that blurriness could come and go as healing progressed and this has been the chief side effect. This is, of course, due to dry eyes. I just have to use my drops more regularly. My eyes don't feel as dry now, but I know I still have to use the drops. I still get the halos and star burst at night, but at times they're minimal and at times worse. I guess that goes and comes with the blurriness.

Like many of you, I worried that I had made a mistake and I felt that way until my 6 week checkup where I saw 20/25 in both eyes. Just hang in there, most of you will get good to outstanding results. Keep reminding yourself that you have to heal and, if your eyes were pretty bad to begin with, you might take longer to see like you think you should. I saw another poster on here say that she can no longer remember what vision with glasses was like...that's so true of me. I still have to keep up with glasses, but they're only reading glasses.

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