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I have had my Lasik operation, Aspheric, done some weeks ago (23 days ago to be exact).

I have been following my doctor's advice diligently, taking the prescribed eye drops at the said intervals.

I am able to read the print on paper fairly well but the Computer screen text still appears very blurred until I go very close to it. I am beginning to get worried.

The Lasik bruise hasn't disappeared yet. While my right eye lasik bruise seems to be diminishing in the right eye, it is still very prominent in my left eye. It increased in prominence over the days. I've read it should disappear within 2 weeks but it's been 23 days!!

Besides that, whenever I get up in the morning, my eyes feel very dry. I have been using an eye gel lately, just before going to sleep, on my doctor's advice but my eyes still feel very dry in the morning. Should I get up in the night at regular intervals to put eye drops and moisten my eyes?

It is said one can sit on the computer after 24 hours of lasik. I personally took all precautions and did not watch T.V or use a computer for 4 days after my operation. However, I've been sitting on the computer for long durations since then. Do you think it's dangerous to do so? Given the above details, is there anything you suspect maybe of serious concern? If not, how long should I wait before getting a crystal clear vision?

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