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Ha? What you talkin bout, why would lasik be just for distance, it corrects myopia and hyperopia. I can read after lasik fine, papers and distance, my problem is low light vision, contrast sensitivity. I can read fine on pc monitor with white and bright backgrounds, as that seems to keep my pupils shrinkier cause monitor lets more light out. But when I try to read text on black background or darker background it's hard for me, ghosting, blurring, feeling like my eyes need to focus, like they go cross, whatever.

Maybe he is experiencing same contrast sensitivity problems, but it wouldn have sense that lasik gave you distance vision and you don't see anything close up, it's not like that, it's liek burned prescription into your eyes, so if you could read with glasses or contacts at close why wouldn't you after lasik? Unless there are issues and aberrations.
Yes, I know that patients Presbyopia after age of 40 will need reading glasses after Lasik. But there is even correction of that with INTRACOR procedure, until your eye pops out of all the procedures :D

My life now ain't improved after lasik, depends on what you define improving, sure by day and sunlight I see clearly and sharp, but by night or low light day or indoors I see blurries, harder, with ghosting on some objects, and I had no problem with these issues with glasses. So I currently am like a bug wanting to go to light just to keep my pupils shrink so I can achieve clear and comfort vision. If this stays this way, and cannot be fix, I'll probably freak out even more, or just adapt, but become one of those really unsatisfied lasik patients, and anti-lasik industry. I mean it's subjective, I cannot imagine if someone has low light issues after lasik and says their lie quality is improved? Are these people crazy or just low IQ? Unless you spend 12 hours out in the field as a farmer or whatever in the middle of daylight, i guess it's improved then.

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