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putting my two cents in....

- it was exactly three weeks ago I got PRK surgery done, and it was only a couple days ago that I could watch predominantly-white tv or computer screens without wincing. Hockey games were the worst, because of the white ice rink taking up most of the screen, and opening up a new computer screen - all white - was harsh. (and still slightly is, but definitely not as bad as previous weeks.)

The tests on my vision have turned out well. Can read small magazine text within 18 - 24 inches, slightly blurry, perhaps, but still doable. Night and distance vision perfecto. My right eye is still predominant.

The final hurdle is outside (and with sunglasses always on). As a gardener, Iím usually looking down at green lawns, while mowing, or at dark earth, while weeding and plant-tending in beds, which I can deal with - quite comfortably, actually. But when I hop back in my truck and drive to my next destination, the driving makes me wince, especially on sunny days.

In these situations, if my eyes sting enough, my slightly weaker left eye becomes impossible to keep open, and I have to squeeze it shut, as tears squeeze through, while I continue to drive, one-eyed. In this predicament, no matter how hard I force my left eye open, thereís a sea of stinging tears that cloud its vision and I have to close that eye shut again - with more tears streaming down my face. (oh - and donít worry - this usually impatient, tailgating driver has learned to drive, now, with utmost caution. A long-time passenger wishes I had this procedure sooner! *L*)

Even indoors Iíll wince if thereís a lot of daylight coming into the room, but that is gradually getting better. Turning on lights first thing in the morning can still be rough going, and again, improving, albeit more slowly.

All those different drops didnít really provide much relief.

So - sure - I'm making a little headway, slow as it may be. I'm anticipating at least several more weeks of stinging eyes outside, and if it takes longer, then I'll just simply continue wolverining my way along

Also - reminding myself how much more devilisihly handsome I am without the goggles will have ultimately made it all worth it.

Of course - if I check back in here in three or four months' time with the same vampire eyes, it's possible I might be a little on the disenchanted side, perhaps.

Hope any of this helps

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