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Lasik Recovery
Jan 30, 2012
had Lasik on 1/20/2012. The procedure itself was a success. No pain or major discomfort.
I am 10 days postop and my vision is not doing so well. I am 20/20 in my left and 20/70 in my right.
I am very upset with the length of my recovery. I am a nurse and understand everyone heals at a different pace. The doctor is well established and I have had many friends with success.
He thinks it should correct because everything physically looks good, the script is a little undercorrected but nothing major.
I am using Restasis and preservative free eye drops. My eyes really don't seem dry at all. I am having headaches from all the straining. My doctor does not want to give me glasses yet because my eyes will become dependant. Worse case senario is go back and tweek.
I have halo effects and some floaters which are not fun but I can manage. I think I have seen some flashes but I think I am freaking myself out. Distance and driving capabilities are so difficulty. I have to depend on others to drive for me at night. I am basically looking for siilar stories or aid in the ordeal.

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