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Hello all!

I have never joined a forum before (ever), but all these LASIK experiences motivated me to share mine, as well. First off, let me start off by explaining a little bit about my personality. Type A, high anxiety, paranoid by most things in life, scared of all things medical get the point. I have never even had a surgery before in my life and I'm 26. I used to SWEAR off the thought of LASIK and never would have thought to consider it.

I have worn glasses since high school and went to contacts, probably when I was a senior. Over the last few years, contact lenses have caused me a lot of pain. I have dry eye and have been diagnosed with GPC in the past. I gave up wearing contacts this past year, and let me tell you, I hate wearing glasses! I'm very active, coach gymnastics, work out, and having to wear glasses irritated me, hence my research in to LASIK.

I will say that the Opthomology clinic I chose is very respected in the DFW area and is specialized in ALL ares of eye surgery, and LASIK is a part of things that they offer. I chose them after my own research as well as 3-4 positive referrals of people I know (who all had positive results.)

My consultation appointment was January 13th, 2011. I knew going in that I had dry eye. I did the Schermer's test and tested an 8 in my left eye and a 9 in my right eye which meant I could not have the surgery until I treat my dry eye. I had already proactively been trying to improve my dry eye situation. I carry preservative free tears every where and I take the TheraTears supplements every morning. I don't feel as though it's "hampered" my lifestyle because I've been coping with dry eye for a while now. I had thick corneas and a -4.00 for each eye, so relatively speaking, I was a good candidate.
Over the next few weeks, I did more and more research and would freak out and then back out, and then decide that I was being silly, and reconfirm...just a ton of emotions. (I went ahead and did the surgery...mostly based on the fact that I had very very small astigmatism and average prescription).

My surgery was scheduled for February 3rd, and I was given a prescription of Restasis to start immediately (effing expensive). Also, I would have to receive punctal plugs a week before surgery (which cost $200).

I'm not going to describe the surgery because that's not what this post is about...I'm mostly trying to communicate the "aftermath".

My eyes were very sensitive afterwards, and I took a nap when I got home, and I will say that I was one of those cases that could see immediately after I woke up. I had been taking my Restasis and had the punctal plugs in.

That being said, my dry eye is exactly the same as it was before. No more, no less. I put drops in even when I don't need them. I work on a computer for 8 hours a day, and I take a break every 30 minutes. There is a program called Workrave that I downloaded that will remind you to take a break however you set it up. By the end of the day, my eyes tend to get more dry because I am tired from the day in general, so they are more irritated by 9:00 PM. I DO wake up with dry eye that is uncomfortable, but is relieved as soon as I put my drops in.

Like everyone that gets LASIK, I do worry that I'm going to wake up and everything is going to be shot to hell, but so far everything has been extremely manageable.

As goes with my OCD and obsessive researching, I'm terrified of developing ectasia in the future. I DID know this was a possible, devastating, yet rare side effect that some people develop. My other fear is that my dry eye will worsen once my punctal plugs dissolve after 3 months (which I will update this post then).

That being said, I believe dry eye can be manageable as long as you and your surgeon are PROACTIVE beforehand. It's quite an extra expense (Restasis and plugs), but I am very, very glad I was "forced" to do it because otherwise, they literally would not do the surgery on me, which is a good thing because it shows that they DO turn away patients if they feel they aren't a candidate. I still struggle with it every day, but like I said, it hasn't worsened since LASIK, but then again it's only been 4 days!
I felt exactly the same after, now having a flap on my cornea and changed touched cornea yea the same, no matter if it is all perfect i probably would still feel like that exactly after. 6 months later not so much, you accept something, problem is i am having blur halos all gash galore when my pupils get bigger, and that is constant reminder. I thought i had it covered by new lasers new zone of treatment, i guess i made a mistake in calculating. I researched it so much before, forgot some stuff, from soem got headache, i guess when it's so much best thing is to avoid that kind of procedure, if there is no guarantee even in this day and age and technlogy about most notorius side effects that impact life like glare, starburst halo etc. I envy you with that driving at night with no issue, cause i barely can even when the sun is going down and my pupils dialate i am havin less crisp vision and other cars lights get streaks and it almost as i want to put glasses to make it sharp.

You should be really happy if no issues, dry eye will probably get better, although it is soem pain in the arse, i mean its drier than usual and drops using.

And to me, i thought i would be extremely happy with freedom and new vision, but i kinda felt like some part of me is gone, 20 years i've been watching myself with glasses, sure they got dirty they got on my nerves, maybe even because of all lasik marketing they got even more on my nerves. But i feel like that part of me is gone, and kinda miss them, maybe because i had stable vision with them, maybe i wouldnt miss that other me if my vision was crisp and clear in all conditions, i can say it's nise to see clear outside on bright day with nothin restricting you and no smudges on glasses. But i've become now irritated by dark, don't wanna drive or even walk at night cause it iritates me, and forget about playing games or multimedai or movies at night on tv.

You should be really happy, and that regret will go away when you get used to new vision. I think nothing will go wrong with it, that thing is rare, yes ectasia is frightening, but i think that occurs when they take too much of cornea tissue, othervise so many peopel would get ectasia after lasik, it would be epidemic wouldn't it if it doesnt matter how much tissue the take off. But then again yu can't be sure with everything, i just hope with some retreatment or soemthing they can fix my conditoin, if not, i probably won't be the one just sitting at home because of this.
Hey guys!

After DJkenishii posted a message asking for a Lasik update, I decided to write about how everything is going.

As you may remember, I received Lasik at the beginning of March 2012 - so about 7 months ago. I had minimal side effects...just a little dry eye and night time "star bursts" when I drove at night, mostly street and car lights.

I do not regret Lasik in the least. I don't even think about it any more. Driving at night is not a problem and I don't see halos or star bursts, so that issue absolutely diminished.

Literally, the only side effect I have is dry eye. To be fair, if you read my earlier posts, I had dry eye before going in to Lasik. It's neither worse nor better after the Lasik procedure. The only uncomfortable time of the day is in the morning. After I put eye drops in, I'm good to go. I still use eye drops during the day but more from an "emotional" stand point because I'm subconsciously hydrating my eyes.

I also have allergies that I deal with....watery eyes, congestion, sneezing etc, so that certainly doesn't help the eye situation!

Truly, I don't ever think about glasses, contacts, or even the fact that I got Lasik.

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