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I felt exactly the same after, now having a flap on my cornea and changed touched cornea yea the same, no matter if it is all perfect i probably would still feel like that exactly after. 6 months later not so much, you accept something, problem is i am having blur halos all gash galore when my pupils get bigger, and that is constant reminder. I thought i had it covered by new lasers new zone of treatment, i guess i made a mistake in calculating. I researched it so much before, forgot some stuff, from soem got headache, i guess when it's so much best thing is to avoid that kind of procedure, if there is no guarantee even in this day and age and technlogy about most notorius side effects that impact life like glare, starburst halo etc. I envy you with that driving at night with no issue, cause i barely can even when the sun is going down and my pupils dialate i am havin less crisp vision and other cars lights get streaks and it almost as i want to put glasses to make it sharp.

You should be really happy if no issues, dry eye will probably get better, although it is soem pain in the arse, i mean its drier than usual and drops using.

And to me, i thought i would be extremely happy with freedom and new vision, but i kinda felt like some part of me is gone, 20 years i've been watching myself with glasses, sure they got dirty they got on my nerves, maybe even because of all lasik marketing they got even more on my nerves. But i feel like that part of me is gone, and kinda miss them, maybe because i had stable vision with them, maybe i wouldnt miss that other me if my vision was crisp and clear in all conditions, i can say it's nise to see clear outside on bright day with nothin restricting you and no smudges on glasses. But i've become now irritated by dark, don't wanna drive or even walk at night cause it iritates me, and forget about playing games or multimedai or movies at night on tv.

You should be really happy, and that regret will go away when you get used to new vision. I think nothing will go wrong with it, that thing is rare, yes ectasia is frightening, but i think that occurs when they take too much of cornea tissue, othervise so many peopel would get ectasia after lasik, it would be epidemic wouldn't it if it doesnt matter how much tissue the take off. But then again yu can't be sure with everything, i just hope with some retreatment or soemthing they can fix my conditoin, if not, i probably won't be the one just sitting at home because of this.

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