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Lasik or prk is not cheap anywhere I belive, it's still more expensive than high quality comfortable glasses with high quality lenses which can last for 5years or even more depending does your prescription change over time or you don't break them during some sport or something. But then if your prescription isn't stable, there is no point in going though surgery cause your prescription will then continue to change but from zero.
And also be careful about cheap lasik or prk? What country how much in dollars would that be? There are and there was clinics who offered very cheap lasik per eye, on old lasers on old methods on standard lasik, withouth new methods like custom guided, or wavefront opimized etc. And also depends how do they make your flap with cheaper mecchanical microkeratome or with expensive intralaase or femtosecond laser.

MY procedure cost 1000 euros per eye, so it's not cheap at all in my country. Well the same procedure 3 years ago was 2000 euros per eye, but clinics have been poping around, in my small countray and town, now there are 4 clinics who provide lasik or prk. So ofcoruse to beat the competition they had to lower prices, or othervise no one would come for 2000 euros per eye for the same procedure on the same laser.

Don't be mistakend about risks of lasik vs prk. What did your surgeon say what exactly are less risks with prk? PRK is not good for people with high prescription cause it has its own risk, like hazing of the cornea etc. PRK has its own risks too, flap is not created, they scrape surface of cornea, epitheal cells, which then need time to regenerate, which is ofcourse more painful to get healed and much more patience of a person to get clear vision after it. But in the end in prk or lasik laser still has to reshape your cornea, still has to burn calculated amount of tissues, difference is lasik goes deeper for that, under flap so it is better for higher prescriptins and faster recovery, while in prk laser ablates on surface of cornea. Sure there are possible flap complications in lasik, but that is if you do not take care of yourself during some week or monht until flap is much more sealed. You ain't gonna go boxing or play contact sports after surgery cause ball or whatever can hit you in the eye and maybe dislocate a flap. But after six months flap is really firmly sealed, only real hard impact can move it, which can cause other injuries to the eye, and only surgeon can lift it up again if you need enhancment procedure.
But there are similar if not the same risks because of ablation of cornea and pupils size and optical and blend zones of lasers. So even if you do prk you can still end up with dry eyes because laser was burning tissue of and that cause some havoc among the nerves responsible for tear film. And if laser do not do its job on outer limits when your pupils get bigger properly, than you can end up with the same nightvision low light problems just like those who got lasik.

I can say that I met a person on the same day of procedure like me, he insisted on prk, was treated on new laser and methods, had really minor prescription of -1.50. And ended up with really bad nightvision which prevents him to drive comfortably withouth puting his life and others people lives at stake druing nightime driving. That person had pretty much perfect vision with glasses or contacts with such minor prescription prior to surgey and drived in pitch black darkness without problems.

So yea, don't trust easly to surgeons, after all yu need to pay them to do this procedure on you, private clinics, capitalism etc. Reseearch it much more, read all postst here, read on other forums, google lasik complications and check out those sites by damaged patients. Go on youtube enter lasik and look thurgh videos of lasik and prk how it is performed. With the power of internet today it is amazing how much we can informs myself. I mean there are tons of lasik video recorded operations on youtube.

And please say how much money lasik costs at your country?
And I also apologise for bad grammar :)

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