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I had surgery about 12 days ago. The doctor performed PRK on my left eye and Lasik on my right eye. The first week after surgery, my right eye (Lasik) was perfect. The left eye (PRK) was a bit irritated and blurry, but I was told that was to be expected and PRK takes longer to heal. About a day or so after I got the band-aid contact taken out of the PRK eye I suddenly noticed that my right eye had gotten blurry. Now, my PRK eye is very clear for long distance, but extremely blurry close up, and my Lasik eye is blurry for distance and clear close up.
I went to the doctor in a panic a few days ago, and when he dilated my eyes and put some drops in to "relax" the muscles of the right eye, I could see distance again. However, those drops wore off after a couple hours. He told me it would just take time for the eyes to catch up and adjust to one another. However, I'm getting very nervous. I'm having a lot of trouble even seeing my computer screen as I type this, and either have to hold it very far away or bring it very close to my eyes. I read Audiobooks for a living, so, I'm a bit concerned...
Any one have any thoughts, advice, experience with this???

Thanks so much....

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