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[QUOTE=JNFblurred;4937640]I'm having the same exact problem and I'm one month into it. Though the dizziness subsided after two weeks, the ghosting and blurry stays. The doctor told me because my eyes are dry. I'm doing all they told me to, several kinds of eye drops and warm compress, but I don't see it gets any better. I know we are still early in the healing process. It's definitely frustrating. I'm trying to be patient and not think about it. It's so stressful that we can't live our normal everyday lives. Hopefully we can get pass this together!! Keep me posted![/QUOTE]

One month is a long time to suffer the loss of your vision...I would take my glasses back in a minute. I should have done my research better..

Im having a hard time buying Lasik takes longer than a month to six weeks to heal. My understanding is that the femur heals in about six weeks and that is one of the longest injuries to heal on the human body. Im betting the people that have resolution at the 3 to 6 month time frame are really just learning to deal with it...

Did you have trouble for the first few weeks with thought clarity as well? I seem to be struggling to get my thoughts together....

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