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Hi Guys,

I recently got pre-lasik test.

Refractive error: -3.00 (both eyes) with -1.00 astigmatism in left eye.

Corneal thickness: 557 (Right eye) , 560 (Left eye)

The surgeon says I am a good candidate.

I am 24 years old and wearing glasses for 12 years now. I can't wear contacts.

Please, I need advise from those who have undergone the surgery.

Should I have it or I should stick with annoying glasses for the rest of life ? Is it too risky for me to have lasik ? If so then why its so popular across the world ?

Will my vision be good enough to see crystal clear after lasik. I really want to throw away my glasses. I hate glasses to core. I want freedom from glasses.

Are you guys facing any serious complication due to lasik who had same or near amount of refractive errors before lasik ?

I don't have any dry eye problem. What is the chance of getting serious dry eye problems after lasik ?

Can I rub my eyes after healing period ?

I hate the thought of anyone touching my eyes. Will I see the whole procedure during the surgery or I will just see only light and nothing else ?

What if I have urge so bad to blink during the operation ? Is there any chance of a patient screwing up the surgery or is it totally in the surgeon's hand to successfully do the surgery ?

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