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Hi Guys,

I recently got pre-lasik test.

Refractive error: -3.00 (both eyes) with -1.00 astigmatism in left eye.

Corneal thickness: 557 (Right eye) , 560 (Left eye)

The surgeon says I am a good candidate.

I am 24 years old and wearing glasses for 12 years now. I can't wear contacts.

Please, I need advise from those who have undergone the surgery.

Should I have it or I should stick with annoying glasses for the rest of life ? Is it too risky for me to have lasik ? If so then why its so popular across the world ?

Will my vision be good enough to see crystal clear after lasik. I really want to throw away my glasses. I hate glasses to core. I want freedom from glasses.

Are you guys facing any serious complication due to lasik who had same or near amount of refractive errors before lasik ?

I don't have any dry eye problem. What is the chance of getting serious dry eye problems after lasik ?

Can I rub my eyes after healing period ?

I hate the thought of anyone touching my eyes. Will I see the whole procedure during the surgery or I will just see only light and nothing else ?

What if I have urge so bad to blink during the operation ? Is there any chance of a patient screwing up the surgery or is it totally in the surgeon's hand to successfully do the surgery ?
Don't do it. There is too much on luck in this surgery. No matter how good the surgeon is or laser your eyes can respond completely opposite.
Try more contacts, until you find comfortable ones. Try more glasses and frames until you find the most comfortable one. Do not let all the marketing and you complexes of glasses get you, you really could end up much worse than glasses. Without a fix. Just accept who you are and what eyes you got. Be lucky after all, you can see, and you have mild prescription of -3. Some people have -10, some people can't even see.

I have undergone the surgery and I regret it. Don't give your precious eyes and cornea to be cut without need for it. Your cornea is healthy and normal now, why literally cut it? Just don't belive all that hype and marketing. Also don't belive too many people who says they are super happy. Questin them more, be sure how they see in dark. Some people are happy even if they lost some quality of vision. Just love your -3, try better contacts for going out or sports, and stick with glasses, after all glasses are even nice fashin accessorie.
I was in the same situation as you, even knew some of this complications. But glasses went on my nerves, well depending on situation. Drivin bike or some sports or just outside acitvity i was irritated by them, for pc and tv watchin it was ok. And finally they hooked me on lasik, some people said they went, you know, many stories where yu hear how good it is. I haven't seen any negatives of that clinic on forums. Even asked about night issues, but they said it goes away, researched lasers a bit, i really thought in my mind they covered it all, optical zones etc. And at that moment I just wanted to see so I went for it. Probably would never do it still if I didn't kinda forced myself just to go there and think there about it.

There is no alternative. As I said, wait and see if something less invasive comes up. And especially reversible.
And why dn't you wanna wear glasses, you've been wearing them for the long time right, did the lasik marketing get to you, you compare yourself to people with healthy eyes? Just don't, accept it, that's all. Get bigger frames for more vision if you are wearing some small ones and see t much of frames in your vision. Yu see how many people are even doing hipster thing these days, huge glasses, and they don't even have bad eyes. I am telling you stick with them, starst totally cnsidering them as fashion, get some thick framed ones, you look inteliggent in them. I know now after not having glasses, I feel I lost one part of myself, weird to see yourself without glasses. And If i find girls with glasses hot, then there are girls who find guys with glasses hot.

Don't give in to complexes, accept it. Glasses are the safest way, even contacts aren't safe if you aren't careful with cleaning them.
I realize my reply is long after the original post, but as a new forum member, I gotta say that LASIK was the best thing I ever did. I only wish I had done it sooner. I was a -7.0 and -7.5 and had worn glasses or contacts since age eight.

I had LASIK done in March 2001. They warned me that my vision might start to decrease in my forties. Here I am, 11 years post-LASIK and in my late forties, and yes, I am starting to have a little trouble with distances. I also am a little more sensitive to bright light than I was pre-LASIK.

ANY surgery comes with risks, and you can always have one eye done at a time if you're truly afraid. I would guess that the risks now are substantially lower than they were in 2001 when I had it done. I say go for it. And enjoy that first morning when you wake up and can actually see without reaching for the glasses.
But don't you think eyes should be valued more, since lasik came, people don't love their eyes anymore. People are afraid of anything going near their eyes with natural reflexes, some cant put contacts in, but wanna do lasik? Permanently weakening cornea and cuting it. I mean there are still far worse complicatins much worse like ectasia, but ofcourse if nightvision issues are big, that is almost as being half blind, you are just seeing soo poorly in some parts of ay, i woudl say many parts.

What? I belive soldiers are damaged by lasik, liek some pilots, they cant function anymore, especially soldier and pilot who need perfect vision, in all conditions, especially dark one.

Nope, i am feelign that way, too, i am not a soldier, i seriously say that if i could i woudl take them out, one guy said if his arm was ddetroyed liek eyes after lasik, he would cut it off. Without one arm human can still live much better quality than with destroyed adn impacted vision which no glasses can correct. That is the issues here, non correctable.

It s different yes, some people are ok, some less, some with screwed up vision and livs. But how come screwed up people can not impact this procedure, for stoping it, for researchng it more. Seems liek they research it as they do it, i mean like thy wanna make money while they can, if somethign better comes, well tough luck you already did it.

That is so crazy to me, its a procedure on eyes, and people report bad vision after it, isnt it enough to say something is wrong? How can we accept that its okay for some people t have bad visin afer and some ok? It shoudl be, everybody shoudl have ok vision after, it is corective eye surgery, the point is to correct the vision not worsen it, and if it has flaws, and to some people t worsens it, than it is a procedure to be stopped and back into research lab until they come with solutions rght?

You don't get with glasses or contacts that some peopel see with glasse, thers don't everybody ses with glasses. But after lasik, its a big gamble, whic is lowere with flase advertising etc.

That i can not understand for money eyes are no longer considere precious organs, everboy s pretty much wlingly wanting to go under a knife. I mean we see FDA guy now speakng out about problems and FDa not researching or takng side effects seriously, yu se that is real, that is happening. How to belive anyone anymore, why would anyone wana go to surgery after all that comes out, if FDA cares about pepoels health, they would stop it, if people have commited suicide, or reported bad vision, then surgery is a failure. Eye is to precious to go like oh hel if you go get srugery on a finger and you lose a finger, well its the same as losing a vision, it is a surgery.

I am just saying, we are considering nvasive procedure so lightly, and it i still going, no matter if wxler comes out telling he would not reccomedn anyone getting this surgery. How crazy is that exFDA guy who was in approval of thsi procedure, now would not reccomend it to anyone? What hw what? When enoguh people are detroyed than you come out, and it's still going on, so how many people need to be damaged to say, stp, we made a mistake. Never i guess, ratio of satisfied is bigger than failed, and clinics got their money from satisfied patient and the ones whose visin is destroyed.
Yes, but if yu research internet and clinics enoguh, you can even found advrtsing as doctors stating that lasik is safer than contacts. Now that is crazy. Sure its a word play, like mcdonalds selling you new burger. It is safer in terms of infection, once you do lasik, you don't have t poke something n your eyes there fore safer than a contact, but only about infection part. But see here, sure contacts are a risk, but contacts are not ireversible surgery. And risk of contacts is probbly really really low, it depends on a user of it. Ofcourse there is infection involved if you do not do strict hygene of them, and do not follow all the rules.

I am curious, how did you get a scar because of contacts, were those some hard contacts, not soft. Reason because of scar? Infection or? Does that scar impact your vision?

Well if you dont feel like your eyesight is bad after lasik now, then it probably won't be bad for years to come, probably right. The thing is, its simple, you can notice bad visual acuity in low light, indoors, depending how much. To me its bothersome, to rgreteyes its bothersome, the thing is i can't watch tv normally like before. And if I cant watch tv comfortably and clear as before, such simple task, then something is bviously wrong, in much higher percentage. And if they can't measure my eye error in other clinic now, than that only cements it as somethng is really really bad. The thing is, fr you to go to procedure, aberrometer machine must be able to measure your eyes, and make a map of your eyes. I don't know, the other doctor todl me, its rare, but some people before procedure can not be taken measure, too much error, which means after it, it will be doubled. I don't know how then the clinic where i ws operated at ould measure it before, and as they sa can measure it after. Now that is too strange isnt it. Maybe i already had some errors, and was at bigger risk. Maybe not, maybe procedure elevetaed and induced all errors. It's crazy. I never thought i could nd up lie this, i was so nervous not knowing shoudl i do it or not, but i was so opsitiv it will all be alright, i trust these people.

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