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Yes, but if yu research internet and clinics enoguh, you can even found advrtsing as doctors stating that lasik is safer than contacts. Now that is crazy. Sure its a word play, like mcdonalds selling you new burger. It is safer in terms of infection, once you do lasik, you don't have t poke something n your eyes there fore safer than a contact, but only about infection part. But see here, sure contacts are a risk, but contacts are not ireversible surgery. And risk of contacts is probbly really really low, it depends on a user of it. Ofcourse there is infection involved if you do not do strict hygene of them, and do not follow all the rules.

I am curious, how did you get a scar because of contacts, were those some hard contacts, not soft. Reason because of scar? Infection or? Does that scar impact your vision?

Well if you dont feel like your eyesight is bad after lasik now, then it probably won't be bad for years to come, probably right. The thing is, its simple, you can notice bad visual acuity in low light, indoors, depending how much. To me its bothersome, to rgreteyes its bothersome, the thing is i can't watch tv normally like before. And if I cant watch tv comfortably and clear as before, such simple task, then something is bviously wrong, in much higher percentage. And if they can't measure my eye error in other clinic now, than that only cements it as somethng is really really bad. The thing is, fr you to go to procedure, aberrometer machine must be able to measure your eyes, and make a map of your eyes. I don't know, the other doctor todl me, its rare, but some people before procedure can not be taken measure, too much error, which means after it, it will be doubled. I don't know how then the clinic where i ws operated at ould measure it before, and as they sa can measure it after. Now that is too strange isnt it. Maybe i already had some errors, and was at bigger risk. Maybe not, maybe procedure elevetaed and induced all errors. It's crazy. I never thought i could nd up lie this, i was so nervous not knowing shoudl i do it or not, but i was so opsitiv it will all be alright, i trust these people.

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