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Not sure about trust, sure doctors are here because of us, but they are still only humans, and who knows how many of them get into that job for money than for patient.
And lask surgeon is not a ordnary doctor who saves lives etc. This is pretty much private business, and for a 15min procedure they get paid well. I am also analyzing this, what drives someone o go into it, knowing the risks. Why screw with peoples eyes, if you are so ambitious, you can take so many other dirctions and not mess with eyes and still earn very good money. I dunno, to me it seems as big risk for a normal doctor too. Even danger from patient revenge if they screw them up. And there s plenty of them, so many clinics poping out, so many lasik surgeons.

i had intralase to, that just refers to how is your cornea cut, with laser, befre it was done with mechanical microceratom knife. It is still a cut, just more precise with laser. And safer n terms of infection. The second part of surgery is, today they do wavefront optimized or guided. It is deterimined before procedure for which on it is best for you. Both methods provide as they all say sameish results. So whre you do it today, it really doesnt matter much, its all pretty similar. But matters more if a surgeon is willing t take a risk with you, not just letting you take the risk.

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