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Ihateglasses, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth here. As the others who responded have pointed out, there can be some serious side effects that may never go away. However, the majority of people do not have any issues. It is a gamble, and only you can decide if it is right for you. My experience was pretty good, I had -5.5 and -5.25 refractive error with about .25 astigmatism. I had it done a little over a week ago, and I can see clearly now without glasses for the first time since I was 7 years old. I have had some dryness, and I have a little blur in my left eye yet, I actually got more astigmatism in that eye from the surgery, but there's still a chance it can improve.
The only thing I have noticed from reading a lot of people's stories is that correcting astigmatism seems to be the most iffy and cause more complications. You don't have that much, but it seems that is the hardest correction to predict. I went from .25 to .75 in my left eye, but at least my nearsightedness is gone. I personally have not had any issues with ghosting or halos, at least not any more than if I wore contacts at night.

The most important thing if you do decide to do it is do lots of research and ask your doctor lots of questions. If he tries to minimize all the risks and dismiss your concerns, then run like hell! In the end, only you can decide if it is worth it and right for you, just keep in mind that although the percentage of side effects is small, it doesn't help any if you are one that has them!

To answer your other question, they put something on your eyelids to keep you from blinking, you you don't have to worry about that. It sounds scary, but with the numbing drops they put in your eye, it really isn't uncomfortable at all and you can't tell they are touching your eye.

Good luck with your decision and do lots of research!

I don't know if you saw my thread, but I have posted a few continuous updates about my Lasik experience. I underwent Lasik on Feb 3, 2012.

I know some people with bad outcomes don't believe that happy people are actually "happy" about their LASIK. Let me tell you, I AM happy. I am a completely active person and hated my glasses. I love excercise, boot camps, and I coach gymnastics part time. I literally got back from a snowboarding trip yesterday, which let me tell you, was spectacular! My eyes were great the entire time I was there. They were a little wind blown and red at the end of the day, but look at the activity I was doing :) I'm at the point now where I don't even think about the surgery or the minor effects I had (minor dry eyes and some starbursts at night)

And yes, you did read that at correctly. I DO have some minor starbursts at night. Did I know this could happen? Yes. Am I upset by this? No. Does it hamper my lifestyle in any way? No.

For me, the benefits WAY outweigh the very few cons I have/had. I don't think it's fair for some people to assume that if someone has dry eye or other minor symptoms, than they just CAN'T be as happy as they seem. That's simply not true. I am beyond thrilled thus far.

My dry eye is hardly there any more. I put drops in only because I'm supposed to; not because I feel I need them.

While we are being honest, the biggest downside (for me, anyway), is the paranoia that something could happen to my eye. I'm extremely cautious while removing makeup, showering, etc., and I have no idea when I will relax! But that's just a personal issue :)

Again, this is only my opinion and my experience, and I understand that other people have less than desirable outcomes.

I have my next appointment on the 12th, and will update my blog then!
WAit you are saying you see starburst and all effects at night? How long ago was your surgery, don't you understand that is omething considere a side effects, something not normal for your eye to see? And if you see starbursts at night, you must have some loss of acuity of vision, cuse if starbursts are formng getting bigger or smaller, that means some untreted light is passing into your eye, while with glasses, all corrected light passed thourgh lens and yu didn't see starbursts and acuity was preserved. Its upto you if you dont mind loss of vision quality, not everbody is the sme as you about their sight, or can trade glasses for problematic vision. I don't know how muc of your side effects are, but this just proves that many people even those with bad and big starburst etc are telling others they are hapyp and reccomendng procedure. Not being completely honest, and if this doesn't impact you, there are people wh can not stand that, and how blurring of image ok for trading wearing of glsse. Sorry I have big starburst, not some minor thing, something that really impacts my ability to drive in low light, move in low light, make myself dinner under a lightbulb etc. I notice these things because I understand what it is, i do not think this is normal vision nor that it doesnt affect me, it affects my ability to live normally like before, not something i search to see, its just there. I notice that, i must admire if somebody has the same problem as me, and says its ok, i must doubt in sanity of that person, it's liek wearing dried out lens with vaseline over it, nothing is sharp as before, I want sharpness as before, i only get sharpness when i put alphagan drops which work to unutarually shrink my pupils.

It is our decsion, based on false advertising, false doctors who tell otherwise and flase "satisifed" patients who dont tell to people how they really see. Yes its completely our chocie, go se hindsight 20/20 abc whatever, they recorded doctors with fake patient going asking them will nightvision disturbances go away, everyone tells it will go away. People naturally belive their doctor, it is NOT TRUE, this problem is not solved, people still end up with problems, it does not go away. How is it ur and my fault if reakn doctors tell you therwise, then only smart thing is dont trust anybody dont do it, cause evenDOCTORS are lying about it, not telling complete reality. How can you defend such lying to patient before going to a serious life altering procedure? Sure we only live once, then we should take care of our eyes, love them the way they are, make them our preciouses right? Only oe life one chance, why risk that chance for screwing something up? In the end it is a procedure which cuts yur healthy cornea and leaves yu with weakened cornea and flap for the rest of your life, no matter if you see perfectly, still you have something from it, and still things can go bad. It would be better for me too see this that way, one life, don't screw with your vision, we have glasses and contacs, dont be naive, one LIFe one pair of eyes. Taking risk with this is the biggest risk everyone took everyone, because it i unnecesary risk and procedure, we are all naive, and don't appreciate or eyes, we were not blind, we could see with other things, we wanted natural normal vision with unutural procedure which makes a cut in your strong and healthy cornea. Sorry but I think i am crazy for doing this, moment of weakness we could call it, trusting to people, I know i should have listened to my gut, dont trust to people, don trust to dctors who do this for huge amounts of money, all is there, pokng us in the eye, all complicatins and everything, and yet i've done it. Sorry, but i consider normal NORMAL vision withut any loss of acuity, any starvburst and glare and halo ghosting etc, sorry but that s normal vision, this what you have is lasik vision. And ok, you are happy with that, I am not, as many other here. As you can see people post here wondering why d they see bad at low light than before, too much of that kind of postst right? Who knows how many peopel dont talk or post anything about that.

Reality is: THIS PROCEDURE STILL HAS PROBLEMS LIKE 20 YEARS AGO, NO MATTER WHERE NO MATTER IF JESUS COMES AND OPERATES YOU, THERE ARE CHANCES THAT YOU WILL LOSE QUALITY OF VISION. Nothing is solved, they keep on doing it, falsely advertising it, i dont know why is this called eye corrective surgery? When t doesn not correct everything rght, only one part of vision is successful at. Money makes this surgery stay, some collaterall damaged patients are acceptable, its like if 90% people are satisfied its ok, keep it going. It doesnt matter if all 90% got normal and perfect vision, it just matters that they are satisfied, while others are destroyed. And there is no correction, the sickest thing you would think, well if they leave some small prescription i will wear some glasses now and there, nooo, no glasses help anymore, your eyes are changed with problems that no glasses can correct, how is that normal?

I cant drive a tlow light, sure i can swim at sunlight at day, but indors my vision is far worse than before, so what to do, sleep, can't even watch a movie normally? And what, i m considered succes and they say everything is ok. See how crazy this is, when you are in freakin limbo of nobody knowing how what where.
So don't tell its your decision, some part of it is, but some part is all nonsense of normal or perfect visin after it, or docotr telling you falsely on your questions. In the end it is our decision, but with huge influence of marketing and other people, and wanting to see, it is not a decisin, it is moment of weakness to see. I am ashamed of myself for falling for it, i thought i was smart enough. It doesnt matter if everything is supe for you, maybe if you reccomend this to some family member or friend, and they end up bad, how will yu feel, will you tell them it was you decision not my fault lalalal? The problem is even one person damaged by this procedue in the world, is enoguh to question it, especially if everythng went fine with procedure. Are people still experimental bunnies for FDA in this, they seem to conduct their research for wuite long time now. If a procedure fails without reason, has limits, than abandon it, why risk people eyes, develop safer procedure with eliminated crazy risks liek in ths one? No, money money is huge here. Oh probably this risk will never be eliminated, eye is mazin organ, complex, light pases though it that lets us see, when you cut the window and laser it where the light passes, how can we expect it will pass correctly like before thought natural unotuched cornea?

Although several LASIK-related suicides and countless cases of LASIK-related depression have been documented, the LASIK industry has repeatedly denied any link between LASIK complications and depression or suicide. But wait! What did Lt. Cmdr. John B. Cason, M.D. say to a group of his peers in January, 2012? Some patients are so uncomfortable and so despondent over failed treatments that they become suicidal. As one patient Dr. Cason had in fellowship said, "I want my eyes taken out or I want to die."

2/15/2012 - LASIK pioneer drops "bombshell" against LASIK, will no longer perform the procedure because it violates his medical ethics.

tell me how is ths normal, so much about this procedure, how is a procedure still going on if there are suicied because of it, destroyed vision. Isn't it enough? Why do they risk more eyes? I know money, but not everyone can be that corrupt or can they?

I also was reading all that long time ago before my lasik, but i always thoguth not everyone gets problems, all is fine today, no you telling me having straburst says otherwise. you are happy yet wit a side effec, sorry, but they shudl tell their patient, glare halo starurst ghostin is the most common side effect after lasik, not 1% but most common, and than you can decide if you want it.

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