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Yea i don't buy that happy people don't post online, they post today on facebook pages of clinics. But also there are the ones who complain of problems. I think there are many peple with complications after lasik that don't go online to post their problems, they do their issues with clinics and going to other clinics for second opinions. And vision is so subjective that I've met person who is happy, praises procedure like it's a miracle, and so easily reccomends it to others. This has to be the most reccomended surgery in human history, people just reccomend it, go do it, like its go to nail salon. First thing I've noticed with this guy he talked to me in a bright light room, said let's go where is more llight, and ofcourse at night he doesnt see clear and crisp as before. And there you go, person is happy but he had to give part of his vision. I guess there are many people like him out there, doesn't bother them, or they don't need that part of vision. Maybe it's not severe as to some other peopel but loss of quality is loss of quality. And that shouldn't be, if lasik is meant to treat cornea in the middle right, why then isn't treating peripheral part of cornea when pupils gets bigger. Actually one surgeon told me there is something they don't measure in procedure, some light scattering. Even though my procedure on scans and paper is perfect, even though my pupils are not extra large, I am having problems. Is it something they can't measure? So it's not just about people complain with bad experience, there are also who do not, and those with lost wuality of vision who are happy. And there are probably perfect procedures, clear crisp vision even at night.

It is wrong to base decision on how many people report online. Many people are some ordinary folks who don't knw how to use google. But I see increase in facebook praises and complaints. It could be double edged sword fr lasik clinics, they now advertise thrugh facebook, but people report issues and good resulst. But of curse, yu can not know if maybe admins of these groups can erase peoples' comments. Oh wait you can. I've asked questions on one lasik clinic on facebook, abut problems etc, they erased my comment. Maybe I've said too many things which can potentialy scare of faebook custmers. I belive there is a 10 or even 20% complicatins with nightvision loss. As you can see we see new people on forusm who had surgery and complain.

I've always runed away from this procedure, i was thinking to myself screw that, my brain and I are used to this vision with 20 years of glasses. Why go and change it irreversible, not knowing the outcome. And of curse too much positive thinking and one leap of faith made me do it. People should stay pretty real and not go in clouds when doing this decision. Reality is nobody knows how it is if you get bad vision after, you think and see currently at consent form with good normal and stable vision. But you can now know how it is to see bad after procedure, and if you can take that. When it happens, then depression kicks in and regret. So really dangerous procedure, not safe at all. It impacts life significantly.

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