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There are some other alternatives such as PRK, which does not involve making a flap, but any kind of eye surgery carries its own risks. Just keep 2 important things in mind -first, most of the people that come to a message board like this are here because they had some kind of problems. The ones that had absolutely no issues don't post here, so reading these boards can give you a very negative impression. Second, even with successful surgery, there are no guarantees that you will not need glasses again down the road. Besides looking here, ask around at work or your other social circles and see if you can find people that have had it done, and get their impressions. You will be surprised how many people have had it or know somebody who has - I met at least 5 people at work that had had Lasik and some that had family members who did. These real life stories, plus research on the internet and message boards like these, helped me to get a better perspective and make a decision.
For me personally, I was one of those people who couldn't find their glasses without their glasses on. I had several episodes where I misplaced my glasses and had to ask a family member to find them for me. I also had to switch between regular glasses and prescription safety glasses at work constantly, which was a pain and gave me headaches. The bad stories of Lasik gone wrong did scare me, but I ultimately decided it was a risk I was willing to take, and I also felt that even if I still had to wear glasses later, a thinner pair that I could actually see to find would still be better. It has gone well for me so far and I do not regret it at all. I did months of research and called every Lasik clinic in the area and talked to them for awhile to get impressions of them, and finally decided on one. So do your research, and talk to as many people as you can and get their honest opinions, and talk to as many clinics as you can. You can even make appointments for free consultations at several of them and see where you feel the most comfortable and which seem the most competent. It is a big decision, but as long as you're well informed and know all the risks, you will make the right decision for you.
[QUOTE=IHateGlasses;4938345]Hmmm.. seems like Lasik is too risky to have it. I know every surgery has risk but if this surgery is too dangerous for eyes then no way I would do it.

I was told that Lasik is safe and complications are rare and temporary. Since I have mild to moderate refractive error chances of it being a great success is much more than people with high refractive error. I still don't know whether i should take the chance. May be I need more research on it.

Btw, if PRK is more safe than Lasik since it has no flap creation why Lasik is far more popular compared to PRK ? People actually go for PRK if they are not candidate for Lasik. Just because PRK has some post operative pain people go for a dangerous surgery Lasik doesn't make sense.[/QUOTE]

To Ihateglasses: Lasik is more popular because it has a much shorter recovery time and most people don't want to have to take a week or 2 off work to recover. And despite what you hear here, it is for the most part safe. Remember that the 3% that have problems are posting here, and not the 97% that have no issues! My advice, and what I did, is to do your research throughly. I discovered from researching that most people that have night vision problems have larger pupils that the treatment zone of the laser. The lasik surgeons say that that is no longer an issue, but I didn't want to take any chances. I looked up the treatment zone of the specific laser they used there, and I made them measure my pupils in low light and tell me the numbers. I also made them measure my corneas and tell me the numbers for the thickness, and tell me the numbers for my astigmatism. They didn't think that these numbers would mean anything to me, but I did my own research to see if it was within the safe limits instead of taking their word for it. The laser they used had a 6.00MM treatment zone, and my pupils measured about 5.50MM, and I found out my corneas were extra thick, over 600 microns. I made them tell me all the numbers so I could make my own decision rather than taking their word for it, so I knew my pupils were smaller than the treatment zone, and my corneas were plenty thick. I think being an educated comsumer helps to make a good decision. Hope this helps!

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