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I had a lasik done one month ago and not a day that I can see clearly. My vision pre-LASIK was at -6.25 and -6.75 with some stigmatism. I had Femto-Lasik procedure. On the one-day and a-week check up and they said that my vision is 20/20 now but the blurry double vision and ghosting that is haunting me caused by dryness. They made this assumption because I can read the chart fine 2 seconds right after I put eye drops in. After blink just once or twice I can't even read the biggest letters on the chart!! That's their 20/20. They told me that my eyes are dry and give it time....but I'm a month into it and nothing is getting any better...I even think that it got worse. I'm on FML and restasis and doing everything they told me to but it's not getting better. I'm trying to be patient but I'm getting worried that it isn't only caused by dry eyes. I'm having a-month check up next week. Any suggestions on what I should talk to the doctor and what I should do. Please help! I'm losing hope!

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