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The only thing you should be thinking of right now is if you really want it done. I mean really despise glasses and contacts. I had a high prescription and astigmatism my glasses were thick and heavy (-8.5 lasik prescription) and contacts would fall off my football cornea. I wanted it done, for 10 years I thought about about it. Finally I did a insane amount of googling and watching videos. Big mistake, seeing first hand made me anxious.

The days leading to my surgery day I was really nervous. I kept thinking I couldn't possibly not figit in that chair. I just put all those irrational fears behind me because they could only hurt me during the procedure.

First they bring you to the laser room, its dim and you cant see too well without the glasses. Three people helped situate me on the chair. It's reminiscent of a TV alien abduction but until he positions you under the laser. Your only job is to stare at this blinking orange light. There are no bright lights even when lasering your corneas. Don't compare a laser pointer shot in your eye to a Lasik laser. Totally different.

He tapes around your eyes, puts drops in your eye to numb, inserts the eyelid opener which you barely feel, maybe only a tad bit awkwardness. The worst is the microkeratome suction, it's annoying like walking on rocks, but not painful. You do notice the device on your eye if only a moment. You're vision fades to black almost like a migraine aura. He gives you a stuffed toy to squeeze instead if you have a urge to shut your eye. Then after cutting, which you don't feel, he says find the blinking orange light then checks the flap and lifts it. The blinking orange light you keep starting at becomes blurrier but you still don't feel anything.

I never had a urge to blink. Before the surgery I tested my ability to stare at a light for a few minutes and not blink to much, but during it I barely had any urges to blink. Just stare at the orange light and let the laser do it's thing. The laser is not bright at all. Less bright then the blinking yellow light you focus on the entire time. If it weren't for the countdown (48 seconds for me, most need probably half that), laser clicking noises and the smell (smelt like a tooth being drilled but far worse) and sound of the fan sucking most of the smell from the air I wouldn't have known it was doing the actual micro surgery at that time. The entire surgery was painless, but the only time I experienced pain when he ripped the tape surrounding the eye, felt like a band aid slowly pulling hair! All this wonderful technology in this room, and no one had invented pain free tape. Then he puts the flap back and soon you'll notice the blurry light you've been staring at was never blurry! Then he repeats the other eye. Probably 5-6 minutes/eye. He sat me up and asked me to read the time. It was out of focus but readable. I couldn't read the big E on the eye chart so this was a huge improvement already. Plus I seen my mom and friend clearly though the window waving.

He gave me a pill to sleep. Slept 5 hours, barely, because I was so excited I could read my 3/4in digit alarm clock. The eye shields are not annoying at all. The tape is so powerful I leave it on the shield for my nap later on and it's still sticky.

The next day, to be honest I was really doubting my decision for Lasik when I woke up that day. Couldn't read, things were shifting before my eyes one second to the next things were almost as bad pre-lasik. But now I am 4 days in and seeing far better, almost as good as with glasses. I have dry eyes now, and my night vision degrated, which was expected.

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