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My procedure was nothing, no pain nothing, not even those red blood stains on eye because of suction or whatever. But I did feel I mean see when laser started cutting my cornea, it's a astrange feeling, especially if you know what is going on, I can say I didn't think of that lightly after the procedure. They numb your eyes so yu don't really feel anything, oh and depends how blind you are, i really culdn't see anything with -7 all blurry.

But as I said before, leave it, get it out f your mind. If you already ask so many questions and you are worries abut this adn that, you could be really dwn if the procedure doesn't do what you have in mind. What if you end up with bad lowlight vision? It can eat you up.
Did you see the instrument holding your eyelids ?
No. I was shown during consultation and before it was put in place. I did not see it during the procedure.

Did you see the suction cup ?
No. I was shown during consultation and before it was put in place. I did not see it during the procedure.

Did you feel any pain (even slightly) during it ?
No pain at all. Just the weird suction feeling.

Did you feel anything when they cut the flap ?
I still felt the pressure from the suction.

Did you feel a lot pressure during it?
I felt the pressure, it was not painful, it was just weird.

Did it hurt to look at the bright light ?
No it did not hurt to look at the red light. The one thing here is that my surgeon said to look at the light. But when they are finished with the flap and lift it away from your eye the red light moves. Do not try to follow it. Just focus on what you were focusing on before.

Did you have urge to blink ?
I did have the urge to blink. The vacuum device and speculum stops that.

Have you got really scared during the procedure?
I was only worried when I saw the red light start moving when the flap was lifted. I wondered if I was supposed to follow it. The other thing thing that was surprising was that after the flap was lifted I had pretty much zero visual accuity, everything was grey.

Talk to the surgeon about this before the procedure.

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