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My prescription is -3.25 both eyes. I have astigmatism (not sure what degree) in one eye and nothing in the other eye. I currently wear contacts. I have glasses but don't like to wear them often because they give me headaches (I'm prone to migraines). My vision has been steady for the last 10 years but I'm noticing issues between focusing when I go from near vision to far vision. I'm really active too and the contacts sometimes interfere.

My eyes aren't that bad. I can see to get around when I get up but I can't see detail and I need them to drive. I actually see better to read without my glasses or contacts.

My husband had LASIK last year and loves it - no adverse effects at all. His eyes were much worse than mine, though. He couldn't see anything without his glasses and he couldn't handle contacts. I am a candidate for LASIK but I have a genetic predisposition to develop Keratonconus so the doctor suggested PRK since he says it will eliminate that risk.

I'm really on the fence right now. I know many people with great experiences who say it's been the best thing they've ever done but I have read about some bad outcomes. The PRK especially worries me because the length of recovery time is so uncertain and my life doesn't allow for much uncertainty or down time.

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