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Hey Guys and Gals

I wanted to share my first 8 days of lasik with you all since this site has been so helpful to me.
I did the pre testing i was a great candinate +2.75 in each eye. decided to get the surgery because i constantly would loose scratch break my glasses, plus i missed sunglassses.

Surgery day. The doc talked to me they drugged me which just calmed my nerves a bit. they put drops in to numb me and then the doc pressed on the suction things so i could have my flaps cut by the laser. no pain on pressure there was quick. Then i went to the next room and got under the main laser. he did his thing i smelt my eye burn which he said was the gases of the laser. but it smelled like burning skin/hair. each eye was what felt like 10 seconds of lasering. got up quick tests goggles grandpop drove me home bla bla. slept for 3 hours (damn curious cat). kept my eyes shut for like 98% of the time for the next 2 hours. listened to tv bored out of my mind. then i found out my car cover blew off, had to fix that. then relaxed. that night kept them shut for about 50% of the time. then went to bed

next day.
vision was amazing in my left eye i saw stuffi never could. things seemed sharp. right eye didnt feel as good kinda hazy or foggy and blurry.went to work (5am it was dark i could see fine street lights looked like they were glowing or halos whatever. still could see fine went to the doc for follow up(drove myself). they told me i can see 20/20 left eye did the 2020 line great right eye was spotty missing some. i was +.75 on both eyes.

next 5 days.
did my constant drops. left eye still perfect. right eye still hazy which is my dominate eye and made everything just look weird like having something on you eye constantly it sucked.

last night
working overnights. in a bright flooresent room. my left eye started having a feeling like an eyelash was in it and also was slow to focus from going close to distant. while my right eye was just blurry all over the place. this was the first night off the meds by the way. just wetting drops. my right eye some parts of the night seemed like it was actually trying to focus going in and out quickly and sometimes better that the left which gets slightly blurry when dry. figured id talk to doc about this stuff the next morning.

leaving work sunny out 8am i step out and it hit me like i was wearing binoculars i could see perfect thru both eyes. the entire car ride home 1 hour. i was constantly checking signs and license plates comparing eye to eye and the right was doing amazing i was happy. i saw stuff i never saw. i got home and tested it inside, moderate lighting and right still kinda blurry. also noticed the right eye unless about 10+ feet away is still kinda blurry. i figure its just healing.

doc apointment
doc says flaps look good. the feeling in the left eye is just the corneal nerve that was cut during surgery and sending my brain mixed messages. i was +.25 in both eyes so healed .5 in less than a week. my vision was left eye. 20/15 read everything. riight eye 20/20 read eveything got a few 20/15s also. the doc seemed surprised how well i did the 20/15 with the left eye quickly. she showed me 20/10 and we just laughed at that. i probably guessed one right.

after apointment yesterday
i slept for 6 hours then woke up noticed the right eye is getting much and much better all around now under indoor lights i could see clearer. and distance is getting better. still blurry closer. headed to work a few hours ago nightime was great depenidng on lighting my right eye did just as well as my left. i also played cards with grandparents and could read some crazy small stuff on their microwave. i wish the stars were out so i could see them tonight.

so all in all seems like i was healing. the last week drove me nuts checking back and forth to see if that eye could see better or not.

target has 72 individual preservative free tears for 15 bucks if anyone is looking for a cheap one.

thanks again for this message board being amazing and helping me thru the times of driving me nuts. any questions please ask away.

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