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Hey all! Hope everyone is enjoying their coffee this morning!

I'm new to the board and wanted to ask a question of anyone out there that has undergone either Lasik or PRK.

I underwent Lasik almost a year ago and then had an enhancement PRK surgery in November of last year. The PRK surgery actually went quite well and all was fine up until a few weeks ago.

I'm experiencing really severe dry eye and am losing focus when relaxing my eyes while watching something, usually mid-distance or farther away. My eye doc says my eyes look fine and recommended more lubricating drops more frequently but that doesn't seem to be resolving the issue with the focusing. I'm also taking fish oil supplements and Ocuvite on a daily basis as well hoping that it will help.

Has anyone had issues with their eyes losing focus (as if they are really tired?) randomly during the day. I experience this quite often when I'm driving or watching TV. My eyes have also been burning and a little red by the end of the day.

Thank you all for reading this far down. I'm hoping some of these issues resolve themselves or become easier to deal with because I'm not enjoying this at all. Being an IT guy I have to sit infront of monitors and glowing rectangles all day which makes this even harder to deal with.
Sorry for all the questions. I have trouble focusing or lose focus quite often. It seems to be mostly my right eye. Do you have a dominant eye now or feel as if one of your eyes is tired moreso than the other?

I'm pretty sure the focus problem is coming from my right eye. Could it be that our eyesight still needs some help from glasses. I know I'm not 20/20, so maybe that is the root of the focus problem?
My right eye is dominant one, but I feel my right one get drier or tired more then left, and more losing focus with right one. I dunno, I think our eyes don't know what's going on anymore, after cuting and burning them with lasers I guess we should be happy they function at all.

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