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In January this year I went for lasik surgery in a private hospital in Bangkok. I was a high end hyperop with +5.25 (right) and +5.5 (left) with astigmatism in both eyes (significant, but I have no idea of the numbers). Seeing around 20/100 without glasses.

Now at the 3 month mark and would consider the surgery to be a success. But the initial months post surgery I was quite distressed with my progress and reading the messages from other hyperops on this blog gave me some understanding and hope. So I thought I would return the favour and share my story.

Hyperopic all my life at the high end. Went for an assessment in Australia around 2002, but was not regarded as a good candidate and hoped that the technology would progress. Happend by a lasik clinic in Malaysia in December 2010 offering relativly cheap assesments, had one and they said I had a good chance of success but I did not have enough time.

I knew I was going to Bangkok in January 2012 so I did some research on the internet and though contacts in BKK to find a good surgeon and booked. It was going to cost me 25% of the price in Austraila, there were much cheaper places in BKK but I did not want to take a risk with my eyes.

I did a bit of research before the surgery, but not about us high-end hyperops. I had the idea in my head that I would have the surgery and could be assessed 1 week after and given a script for new glasses if required. I had just 3 weeks in BKK. Most of the lasik stories I had read talked about a 1-3 day recovery.

The surgeon was great, but english was not his first (and probably not his second language). He assured me I would have great success so I went ahead. The surgery went well, he did say that it was the longest he had seen the laser run for and I should expect great results. Custom Vue Lasik with a manual cut of the corneal flap.

The next day, I could read fine print that I could never have read before without my glasses. But I did not think my vision was that great at mid distance. The surgeon said again to expect great results.

My one week checkup, again he was happy and told me I did not need glasses at that point. I was really starting to get worried. I could read small print but felt my overall vision was poor, but much better than before without glasses. It was the same for the next month. I felt dissoriented in places with lots of visual stimulus, worried that I had wasted my money. I was not prepared for this. This is when I started to read about other hyperops on the internet. I did not know the recovery would be anywhere up to 6 months, or that they would overcorrect to allow for regression. I calmed down a bit when I read of other people's experience and though I should share mine.

It is also a massive change in lifestyle not wearing glasses after 35 years. I still to this day wake in the mornings and reach for my glasses and try to take them off when i go to bed.

My one month checkup. Optometrist in Austraia, he was the first to tell me that I was now short sighted in my right (dominate) eye. He said my eyes were still recovering and to come back in two months. I asked what my script would be if my eyes stayed the way they were. -1.5 (right) and +0.75 (left) with astigmatism in the left eye, seeing about 20/30. He said it would be unlikely I would stay that way.

Over the next couple of months things got better. I had starbursting in the left eye at night but that started to get less noticable. Never had much discomfort with dry eye but still use preservative free eye drops. About the two month mark I stopped worry that I had done the wrong thing.

3 month checkup today. The optometrist was happy i was seeing at about 20/20. My script would today be -0.75 (right) and +0.25 (left) with no noticable astigmatism. He believes my eyes will still change over the next 6 months but not dramatically.

I hope my story helps other high-end hyperops though the initial months as much as reading the experiences of others helped me.

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