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Apr 6, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am going to a lasik center to see if I am a good candidate and had a question. First off, I am very near sided, I am not sure the exact number but close to 20/450 or more. I also have astigmatisms in each eye, and my left pupil is slightly larger than my right. I wear glasses but tried contacts about 4 years ago (Soft lens) but didn't like how they sat on my eye. My eye doctor told me that there are a couple more brands now that come in my prescription, so I may try one of those before going with lasik if i happen to be a candidate. My doctor told me that if I have a very thick cornea I may qualify. My question is that I already have the Halo affect at night that most people complain about after lasik, has anyone had halos before the surgery? If so, are they worse or about the same?

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