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I didn't have large pupils, it's not about pupils, all treatment today covers entire pupil. There could be something they are not able to measure. Well no it's not better now without glasses, I can hardly drive at low light, or watch tv, it's like some light doesn't scatter properly after the procedure when pupil gets bigger and more light enters. I noticed poorer dim lilght vision with soft contact lenses, but not with glasses. Seems like glass in front of my eyes covered it all, if pupil got big, all light entering through glass was entering through pupil correctly, no ghosting, no blurring. Now that the cornea has been touchhed and sliced, seems something isn't right. I may say it's even worse than with contact lenses. Hard to describe, but with glasses my focus was much quicker, and low light didn't bother me. Now it feels like I'm half handicaped. Not being able to normally watch tv in dim lilghtning is proof enough, such simple task as before, poping some movie to relax, now it's bothersome and demanding to watch or focus. Well I just don't watch movies as before, tv has been off pretty much.

I got wavefront optimized, they all say it gets resulst sa wavefront guided, google it, some say it does some say it doesn't, who to trust. I guess they wuld perform guided on me if their machines showed some abberations, but seems i have no abberations as coma or trifoil, those that they measure, but light doesn't scatter properly. And it's not minor, it's really bad.

Maybe I even wasnt candidate for guided treatment, as far as I know FDA doesnt approve that treatment on high prescription depending on cornea thickness. That treatment takes more tissue. But I've seen peopel with uber guided treatment complaining. I suggest you google something called " occular scattering" one surgeon toled me about it. _He says it's something they can't measure or something like that, like scattering inside eyes or whatever. There is even article how in lasik patient after the procedure occular scattering went up to 30%.
As i said same surgeon same method same laser, person with same prescritpion went fine, he sees everything normally at night, i with same procedure and surgeon don't.
And I would know, it's not liek they try to fool you, liek after procedure yu seem to concentrate more on effects, what, after procedure peopel contentrate more on bad part of vision? No, because before procedure, I've saw pictures of ghosting and halos and starbursting effect, I went out in night in pitch black with my glasses, I saw everything normally, I didn't notice light getting smaller as i look into it and my pupils get smaller, i didn't notice that delay. Moon was normal. Sure I didn't have perfect night vision like some peopel because of glasses and big prescriptin, but no such effects was there, and if it was, they were probably so minor it culdn't bother me at all.
After procedure i go out at night, or in living room with normal lightbulb, everything is less crispier, hard to focus, moon is not clear no more, it gets light streaks out of it, like starbursting etc. Stars are not simple dot in sky anymore, but kinda like small crosses in various shapes.

So it's obvious this procedure elevated my abberations, induced them. No matter how they say everything is fine and procedure is done right, it's not. Even fda states on their risk sight, yu can have problems even if the procedure is done perfectly.

So what is the obivious sonclusin of this medical procedure, ladyluck is involved. I would never give my eyes to ladyluck, i was just stupid thinking it all matters with pupils size, yet it doesn't, my pupils are 6mm. Treatment zone was at 9mm.

Don't fall to much on marketing etc. I did, well I've fallen listening to some other peopel saying they have no problems, yet I've discovered some peopel with problems but they're happy. I guess to some peopel vision quality and crispness in all light conditions is not just that important. Good luck what you choose. My conditions is not minor, i complain and warn others because my procedure is dones right, and I have big issues. If i can't weatch tv comfortably or drive at lowlight and dark like before, i would say this procedure has robbed me of my quality of vision. No matter how positive yu are before or after the procedure, youd can not determine yur result, and it can bi big mistake after. I say ladyluck is too much intefeiring with this procedure. This is not surgery on your finger, even if surgery on your finger fails, it can not impact your life as unstable vision. Imagien as if someone glues some plastic bag or some hazy stuff on your eyes at night, you are feeling liek you wanna remove it but you can't. Actually it'smore liek when you wear contacts for long and they dry out, but i mean for long like 10 hours, that's like my vision at night, even after appyling artifical tears. But yu can't get those dry contacts out anymore and put glasses and let your cornea recover and be normal. Good luck man, you'll need it.

And yes dry eyes and nightvision issues seem to be more than lasik clinics state. Dry eyes can induce bad vision. But the question is do these lasik clinics consider dry eye or nightvisin issues as complications? Or just minor side effects. Minor on their paper, nt minor on person who has to live with it. And what, you should replace your dependancy on glasses with dependancy on expensive artificial tears, on alphagan for not letting your pupils get bigger? Seems liek that, these peopel at my clinic seem to think everyone is so complexed about glasses, that they are willing to trade simple glasses on nose, to contantly having some bottles with you and using them in your eyes. How fun indeed.

Anyways my writing here and my state is just saying how it is, I don't hav any agendas. I am mostly angry at myself. You can be real about all this and really investigate all complications properly, or you can just let go, give your eyes to their hands, and hope for the best. But also you have to pay nice amount of money for hoping for the best. I my result, I better listened to crazy internet and so called "conspiracies" against lasik clinis, they were right. Not doctors who do this for good money saying it all goes away, not the first one who got that it goes away. If you are ready to risk, nothin can turn you back. But person should stay really realistic, not positive liek on drugs or something, liek getting reborn. realistic is the key. I know I'm repeating myself, but hey, maybe if some person kept repeating on some of my local forums i wuld still be thinking of the procedure and delaying it. Some people just go away. Maybe I will to. Cause you can't make someone see the world as I am seeing it. Good luck whatever you decide, just be realistic, it is a surgery, is it on your window to the eye, it has side effects or complicatisn probably the same as before 10 years, lasers are just now much mor precise and bigger treatment for pupils, but it doesn't exclude issues with light scattering, dry eyes. And think about it do yu really need it, 30+ years of wearing glasses gave your brain to adjust to that vision, your look of yourself n the mirror, maybe you'll miss that person with frames on face. It's a big change. You should actually go to multiple clinis and tests, to see if they all say the same, or some actually say to you what are the real risks.

Oh and one thing about it all. You need to think ahead, what if you get complications. You may be alone in that, you know, doctors smile and reasoning can change once you got complicatiosn and they probably know they can't do nothing abut it. So they would give you this and that, come back, come back again. Many times this story was told on forums of lasik. I had th privilege to witness that. My doctor didn'0t have really patience after seeing I know abotu my complicatiions adn i acutally undesrtand what is going on. I guess they are happy when a person don't know how it all functions. So before treatment they were nice and friendly, after you see otherside. So you actually realise yuo are alone in this, and you see real face of capitalism, but now yu didn't just buy some broken radio or computer part adn they don't want to replace it, this time you bought halved vision. But hey if they can be unprofessional abut human eyes, maybe I will become really unprofesionall as patient.

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