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It has been months since the original post. It would be great to get an update. We all hope things have improved. I see so many posts from people who are really unhappy a week or two that don't have a follow up. I always hope that things resolve.

I just did epi-lasik and thought I would offer three thoughts to people who read this:
- by all means please do the research and get more than one docs opinion.
- consider epi-lasik rather than traditional lasik. It has a lower risk profile for dry eyes, halos, etc. IT TAKES LONGER TO HEAL so be aware of that but the final result is statistically better because there is no flap, etc.
- definitely consider doing one eye at a time. The instant gratification of doing both eyes with traditional lasik and walking out the door seeing great would be really neat (and we have all heard those stories) but you live with those eyes for the rest of your life. Especially with epi or prk where full recovery could be a month or two, doing one eye and waiting until you are comfortable with the outcome is great insurance in my opinion.

I sincerely hope the OP has recovered. it would be great to hear an update.


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