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I'm writing this more as a reply to the overly positive or overly negative posts, hopefully to put the argument to rest and get back to real information. Also, this reply isn't specific to the last 2 members replying.

Negative results to lasik or other eye surgery, written with specifics about your personal circumstances, help people understand the possible dangers. I can say how if my vision doesn't improve, most likely through a second surgery, or if my night vision got worse (luckily it didn't), I would lose the possibility of a career path, either by failing to get hired or being fired for vision requirements later. That consequence is serious for me, but doesn't help anyone else. Also, just because my vision wasn't corrected fully, doesn't mean that it is more likely in the next person.

Positive results to lasik or other eye surgery, also written with information about your specific situation and circumstances, help people understand things like possible healing time, and what changes are possible. However, it is incredibly unhelpful to give people hope without reason, such as; my aunt/dad/cousin/brother had lasik and although it took __ months, their vision got better, or "well it's only been a week, but I just know my severe halo's will go away". The fact of the matter is, most negative side effects of lasik are rare, between 1-5% of cases, but every case is different for each person. Two identical twins can have different results, so you can't know for sure what will happen based on other people. Going back to my personal situation, I can think positive and have hope all I want, but my vision was stable since the day of surgery... I have to face the fact it is highly unlikely I won't need a second surgery to correct my left eye which was under corrected. Hope won't get me through vision tests successfully.

Again, I don't mean this reply to attack anyone. I only came to this forum to try and find others in a similar situation to find out if mine really is common (vision corrected to 20/50 in one eye and 20/20 in the other.) It is very expensive to purchase medical studies that have real information on lasik and other procedures rather than advertising, so by sharing specific medical information here we can give each other either some general hope by finding others who went through a [B]very similar[/B] situation, or real knowledge of a negative situation to discuss with your and/or other surgeons.
I am sorry but giving people hope is one of the best natural cures you can give anyone who has had any kind of surgery and if you can give that hope from either your own experience or someone very close to you then it is far better to have a positive attitude to recovery than always looking for the worst.

Having said that I am not going to continue with these forums. I only joined a couple of days ago after searching for like minded people to discuss laser surgery, not to look for people who may want to slit their wrists with me! These forums filled with so much self pity and depression it is no wonder peoples eyes are not recovering and people like guy448 and to a lesser extent bbobs10000zx where even your mood indicator is depressing to look at really makes me feel sorry for people that stumble across this forum and read the rubbish written here.

If there are any mods reading this please delete my account, I no longer wish to be associated with "people".

Anyone else that reads this and has an ounce of life left in them please don't listen to the cretins on this board and discuss any issues you have with your surgery as they will have experienced anything you are going through several times and will know how to help you.

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