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Hi guys,

I had IntraLase LASIK (blade free etc) done 3 days ago (Wednesday) to treat my quite hefty prescription of -8/-9.

By the second day, my distance vision was as clear, if not clearer than my glasses and it was a beautiful thing to behold!

However, my near vision is a bit blurry/hazy. Like I have to go really close up, or find the right angle to get clear focus of things like books, laptop etc.

When I mentioned this to the nurse on my day 2 appointment/check up, she said this was perfectly normal and that my eye muscles will take time (possibly up to 6 weeks) adjust and heal and stabilise. She advised I do exercises to help the process along, such as reading a book and then focusing on something in the distance and then back to the book again.

I was concerned as I thought, if anything, it would've been the other way around, given I had myopia..

Has anyone else experienced this?

Trying not to panic..



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