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Hi guys,

I had IntraLase LASIK (blade free etc) done 3 days ago (Wednesday) to treat my quite hefty prescription of -8/-9.

By the second day, my distance vision was as clear, if not clearer than my glasses and it was a beautiful thing to behold!

However, my near vision is a bit blurry/hazy. Like I have to go really close up, or find the right angle to get clear focus of things like books, laptop etc.

When I mentioned this to the nurse on my day 2 appointment/check up, she said this was perfectly normal and that my eye muscles will take time (possibly up to 6 weeks) adjust and heal and stabilise. She advised I do exercises to help the process along, such as reading a book and then focusing on something in the distance and then back to the book again.

I was concerned as I thought, if anything, it would've been the other way around, given I had myopia..

Has anyone else experienced this?

Trying not to panic..


I had to use reading glasses for about two weeks after the surgery; by three weeks, they were back in the box. The bruised close-up focussing muscles take a few weeks to recover, so at least in my case it was temporary: I can use the computer now just as easily as I could pre-surgery wearing my regular (non-reading) specs. A few years from now I'll probably have lost some of this naturally, like anyone not needing specs naturally, and presumably the reading glasses will need to come back then. Merville, are you sure your reading glasses are the right prescription? (My optometrist did a 'proper' eye test on day 8 and said +1 reading glasses.)

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