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Had custom Lasik (Wavefront) two days ago. Vision was -6 with slight astigmatism. My right (dominate) eye is awesome 20/10 the next morning. My left eye was 20/30. It is still blurry even for reading armlength or closer and the crispness is not there. Feels like wearing a dirty contact lens. During the surgery after the flap was replaced the dc asked to see the microkeratome again and placed it over my eye moving the position. At the 1 day post op visit i told him my vision was as good in my left eye. He said that could be normal because most people don't hold a hand over their eye to test the vision in each eye. I did notice him making a note in my chart about wedge and flap in left eye but told me everything is healing normally. I am starting to FREAK OUT because I have been on the internet reading horror stories. Has anyone else had one eye blurry and it just take a little while for it heal fully????
Over 300 views and not one reply?!?!?
What was the sequence? He cut the flap first, did the actual lasik, replaced the flap, then re-cut it? That would explain a wedge, but sounds very odd. Did you mean he cut the flap, wasn't happy, re-cut then performed the ablation?

Having gone the knife route rather than "all-laser" (intralase/femtosecond/bladeless) it seems normal to take a bit longer for the flap to settle in - and I certainly had quite a noticeable change between the 1 day check and 8 day. (Left eye: 1 day check was "good enough for driving ... technically ... but probably shouldn't just yet", 8 day was "20/20, it's fine"; right eye is still a bit blurry, but not as bad as it was on day 1.)

Short version: from day 2, after a blade LASIK, things WILL still have a bit of improvement to go, and the 'wedge' reference should be harmless: if it means what I think it does, you probably have a slightly different shape of flap than intended, or you have a separate strip beside the main flap, but as long as it's properly positioned it should still heal up fine. (Most of that healing is in the first 24-48 hours, and that's the main thing they check for on the day 1 check: once the flap is OK, the actual sight should heal up over that week, which gets tested much more thoroughly at the 1 week check.)
I have been nearsighted really bad for most my life. I had Intra Lasik yesterday. My right eye seems to be better than 20/20 but my left eye seems worse, it is still blurry. My left eye is better than it was before though. I know it's only day one but it's sort of freaking me out. I know there are no guarantees for your vision to be 20/20 or better but I'm just gonna be very disappointed if my left eye does not get to 20/20. How did your left eye work out, did it get better?
My left eye is fine - technically, it's about a quarter-dioptre off, which is one quarter of the lowest level of correction reading glasses come in. I can look across the valley I live in and see the individual trees clearly.

It's the right eye that is undercorrected: anything beyond about six feet is out of focus. I have the option of re-lasering it ... I'm not yet certain which way to go on that. Proper focusing on both eyes would be nice, but worth going through surgery and healing again? I'm not sure.

(The 'floaters' and 'dry eye' are much bigger issues for me than the right eye being a bit blurred, at this point.)
So I was just being paranoid.. It's been almost a week and both my eyes are 20/15, with some glare and halos. It's still early to say everythings gonna be fine though.. so. I'm sorry to hear that about your eyes man.
I had Lasik 11 day ago. My left eye is crisp and clear seeing 20/20 or better and right eye is at 20/25 with just a tad bit of astimagism left in it. So far it has not changed and I am not sure if it will. I can see 20/20 with both eyes so overall I am pleased. I would be even more pleased if my right eye was as good as my left though. Oh well, only time will tell.
I honestly think doctors telling me my current situation is normal is a bunch of crap. It's the third day and my vision is still 20/200 or 20/400 They say it takes 3 months for things to settle in much better and within a week things may get less blurry. I'm starting to have trouble believing that. I think this surgery was the dumbest thing I ever did, I practically paid 3 grand to end my 19 year old life.
Oh Strawxberry! Fear not, I very much doubt it's that serious long-term.

Having said that, 20/200 or 20/400? That does sound bad for day 3, but aren't how that would normally be measured. What was your original prescription, and what procedure did you have (LASIK or LASEK, 'Intralase/bladeless/femtosecond/all laser' or with a microkeratome)? Mine was LASIK Intralase starting with a -10 prescription and took about a week to get an idea how it was going; that's when I had the first proper eye test. Have you had an eye test yet, and if so what were the readings?

(The bad news is that mine deteriorated quite a bit from that one week figure, ending up -1 and -3, i.e. still needing glasses - but with them, I'm 20/20 or better, and can have a re-lasering in the next few months which should leave me glasses-free.)
I probably wasn't too informative, was I? :) Well I actually can never see 20/20, my fullest potential with glasses and LASIK is 20/25 (I had LASIK by the way, the fun blade and all that jazz.) My eyes without glasses were dreadful, the nurse tells me it shouldnt take long for my eyes to reach better vision however everyone else tells me that I'll probably be able to see in like a month. I feel like the people at the lasik company I went to aren't being exactly honest. My aunt told me her husband had the operation done and he could see well a month later. I had my day after test yesterday and I couldn't read anything, however they did say everything looked good.

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