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Re: Help and advice
Jun 12, 2012
[QUOTE=guy448;4995692]Yes that is true, a surgeon should tell you how you will see after surgery and what to expect based on your own prescription and pupils size. This procedure has limits, especially on people with bigger pupils and prescription, these people end up with much more screwed up vision. It seems some clnics are actually keeping silent on what will you expect or telling the opposite. They think everyone wll get used to low quality of vision. I've made a mistake not going though some more clinics to see what they say. One clinic even has a poster with those night symptoms of driving etc, they probably tell patient he might see like that. Although patient can think he will only see some glareing of lights at night when even that is not true. They should have posters of blurry vision indoors, ghosting etc. Even though they seem to warn the patient, or based on their prescription tell them what to expect, seems like they still don't wanna show the wjhole truth.[/QUOTE]

U bring up a good point. The overall practice of Lasik should have more illusrative examples of what could go wrong tombalance the aggressive ad campaigns. Bc when something does go wrong, as in ur case, its really tough. Im actaully shocked that kinda advertising that is allowed. I think Im fortunate that in my area there really werent any places with big ad campaigns, so i had to research and the guy I found was good.

Guy which procedure did u have? Not sure if I mentioned but I had epiLasik which is theoretically safer. Not that complications arent possible.

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