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[QUOTE=alleymom2003;4991338]They do not zap your prescription into your eye, lasik works by redirecting the light that enters your eye and which restore you vision.
If you have high expectations and want PERFECT vision then yes lasik is not for you.

It redirects the light on the cost of your cornea strength and tissues. Contacts and glasses redirect light too don't they? So it's literally burned your prescrpton in, because your eyes are not healed, they are still not normal in shape.

Really? No PERFECT vision, and what vision should we settle after lasik? Maybe normal? It that oo much to ask normal vision in all lightnng conditions withut blurring and effects?

Glasses gave me normal vision in dark and lght, why? well because when my pupils got bigger, light was still correcter properly through the glass lens. You watch though glass and light is corrected on all those parts. Well now since they burned my prescription into my cornea, seems like on periphery of my cornea something isnt corrected right, and we'll call it "bad" light enters and mixes with good light, and we get those notorious side effects. Which I don't understand, if a laser is having limits with how much area can he trully ablate, than don't do this procedure on people with bigger pupils. My puils are 7.5mm. Well everyone is candidate because of transition zone going t 9mm. But I think optical zone of ablation s the most important one, which is 6.5mm or lower. So area after 6.5mm is ablated with less enery or something? I just don't get it do they consider this normal? But if you're gonna burn my prescription into my cornea, please, ablate my whole area of cornea where pupil will expand.

our doctor should screen you for the following conditions or indicators of risk:

Large pupils. Make sure this evaluation is done in a dark room. Although anyone may have large pupils, younger patients and patients on certain medications may be particularly prone to having large pupils under dim lighting conditions. This can cause symptoms such as glare, halos, starbursts, and ghost images (double vision) after surgery. In some patients these symptoms may be debilitating. For example, a patient may no longer be able to drive a car at night or in certain weather conditions, such as fog.

Generally, a dark-adapted pupil diameter of greater than 6.5 millimeters is considered large. High myopia in combination with large pupils is double-trouble.

Since my pupils were 7.5mm and -7 prescription I guess i was candidate for catastrophe, well what were they thinking. And what was I.

May I ask do you know what your pupil size was, and please tell us what exactly do you see at night, is your vision clear, if you don't need clear vision, then yes, yu will be happy, extremely happy.

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