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Re: Help and advice
May 20, 2012
Oh man avoid surgeries like plague, especially lasik. Lasik is notorious for leaving people with nightblindness, then you would see what it mean not being able to safely drive. Like me and many others, I pass 20/20 on chart for driving license, but they don't test me there for low light and nightvision. I belive my blurry and halo-i starbursty vision is danger for myself and others in traffic. Interesting isn't it, although there are many people with issues and complications after lasik, driving tests and others havent changed to test these people dod they see.
[QUOTE=Regret eyes;4993657]The whole point is that people are not functioning normally after this surgery. No opthamologist or LASIK surgeon have any answers for post LASIK problems. These doctors can run the most up to date pre tests till your blue in the face. It doesn't matter what these tests show. For me it showed that I was a great candidate for LASIK surgery. Now 18+ months out I have halos , major starbursts and other problems. They kept telling me to give it time. I soon realized I was on my own.[/QUOTE]

Yeap, they kept saying to me it's gonna go away. Now I even asked before about this notorius problems, I was thinkn so many people do it, I guess many would complain if it were bad. Now I know, many people are having loss of quality of vision, but they are fine with it. That is the reason not everybody complains. This procedure is for people who wouldn't mind blurry lowlight vision, but they don't present it that way to you.

And I see what these "doctors" are doing, if some patients are having realyl big loss of vision, then they use the term to give it time for patient to get used to it. For bran to get used to it. I guess they expect patient to be dumb so that they can use to it. 1 year has passed, I still idn't get used to it, I can't If it impacts my daily life, and can't function properly. Before I din't care if it was getting darekr or cloudy dasy, now if suddenly day fgoes cloud and rain I freakin can't drive safely as before, I now don't drive at these days, If I have to, i do ti, but ofcourse not with ease, and i am pretty much danger for myself and for others in traffic. So I see now that they mostly go to your brain will get used to it, Like all that quality of vision loss is a gift from this surgery, and you just need to get used to it. I guess popel with smaller problems, depending on pupils size, they really get used to it much better, others don't.

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