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As far as "perfect vision" is concerned...i dont even know what that means ( 20/20 vision is NOT perfect). my surgeon made it clear to me that there was no guarantee that i would see everything perfectly. Based on what he said and ample amounts of reseach, it was clear to me that the goal of the sugery was to function normally without the use of any corrective lenses. I expected no guarantees of 20/20 vision or better, altho that is a very possible outcome.

I have 20/20 yet I cannot function normally after lasik, because when my pupil gets bigger i no longer see clear and with ease as before. So what everything perfectly, it depens on the amount of this problems, some don't see it as much, other are crippled because of it. Believe me, if you had issues like nightvision loss, you wouldn't be able to function normally, watch tv, drive a car at night indoor jobs etc. Oh belive me.

So you are saying this procedure gives yu halved vision? What is the point of vision correction if it doesnt correct your vision like glasses do? In every condition no matter if its day or night? Why perfomr surgeries on poatients with big pupils, why is effective optical zone only 6-6.5mm in this procedure? So does that mean all people with 7mm pupils will have issues, Why is procedure and these peopel considered candidates. As I said for such advanced sophisitaced surgery how can it treat one area of the eye ok, while other area not okay. While glasses were correcting your whole periphery of the eye, all area pupil expands too. So cheap glasses make your vision better than expensive advanced surgery? Even well designed and calculated contac lenses correct it better? What is the point of surgery? I now can not do stuff as i could, i feel like i need glasses, the problem is glasses do not correct this problem anymore. So no i don't need prfect vision, i would be happy with glasses like quality of ision, stable vision in all lightning conditions. I think you don't udnerstand the nature of procedure and the way it works. Maybe you don't have such issues, maybe your pupils were small enough maybe procedure actualyl treated all your optical zone the rght way, so no interfereing light scatter at night in your eyeballs. It oesn't matter lasik epi lasik prk or whatever, n the end laser needs to ablate your cornea tissue and that whole zone, so when pupil expands you get corrected light coming in. It is liek permanent prescription burned into your eyes, just it seems to some people this prescription bruning doesnt get it right. And as I said if you have samo quality of vision loss and you are happy, well thats you, to me it's really crazy for this procedure to be marketed as perfect vision etc, when it takes a part of vision to most people, even if small amount it can not correct it the right way the glasses can. So why is it still here? are people crazy? Either make a procedure that correct all zones of your eye correctly or dont do it. AS i sadi it's crazy such expensive procedure actually akes some quality of vision from you, yet cheap glasses correct it the right way.

Yes this is not a procedure fr perfect vision wanters, or normal vision wanters. And if you don't suffer impacted quality of vision as some of us, you then can not kow whats it like.

Are you familiar with Morris Waxler? Google it. Don't you think it's strange that exFDA guy is wanting withdrawal of lasik devices? How can it be ok to some percentage of people to be hurt after this procedure, to be handicaped, to have all notorious sideeffects and FDA and lasik industry is considering these people a success? Isn't that crazy, success procedure s sharpness and quality of vision not impacted after lasik, if one is impacted than it is not a success, yet they even say to me i was success, just beacuse I see 20/20 on chart?

Shouldn't this procedure then be marketed liek it gives you 20/20 but you possibly won't be able to drive in low light conditions or even do stuff you could at ease befoer in lowlight, shouldn't that be in place of "perfect vision" marketing? So if somebody wants to gamble and wants to trade glasses for poorer lowlilght vision it is on to him. Yet you get from doctors all these issues are solved, no more starburst, halo glare, it all goes away, that seems to be their slogan " it all goes away".

Investigators go undercover to expose lies that LASIK clinic employees and doctors tell prospective patients. Former FDA chief, turned whistleblower, exposes corruption surrounding FDA-approval of LASIK devices. Young mother talks about loss of quality of life and painful, chronic dry eyes after LASIK. Story of a police officer who took his own life after leaving a suicide note saying, in part, "Do not have LASIK surgery! Tell the media!!!" is told by his son.

Hw can you defend it, a doctor who works in a clinic which agresivly falsely advertises serious eye procedure, how can he be called a DOCTOR? Or those who lie to patients? How can they say lowlight vision problems do not exist more with new lasers, it is not true, they are pushing even borderline candidates, cause magne how many people would be disqualified for lasik if they were only focusin on perfect candidates with smaller pupils.

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