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Had custom wavefront LASIK 11 days ago. One eye now has very clear vision all the time measured at 20/15 day one and 20/20 on day 7. The other eye is [U]much less[/U] clear EXCEPT in bright sunlight. At those times it seems very close to the best eye. This eye was measured at 20/25 on day 7 but that was after much squinting, blinking, and guessing. I have been told that everything looks good and they just heal at different rates. After the first week I have now been instructed to use only the moisturizing drops but to use them very frequently even if the eyes don't seem dry. I'm following these instructions.

It is disturbing that the worse eye seems [U]very poor[/U] when not in bright sunlight, even in a very well lit interior of a building or even in earlier or later daylight hours outside.

Is this normal? Is my worse eye likely to get a lot better? I work, including driving, at times at night and it feels like I'm as "blind" in this eye as I was when I needed glasses (originally -6.0 correction in this eye).

The only variation that seems to make a difference is amount of light (I guess size of my pupil). The unclear eye does not clear up with eye drops, etc only going outside in [U]bright[/U] sunlight makes things clearer.

I also DO NOT have significant flaring or severe halo effect in lower light.

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